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Preparing for civil unrest

One of the major characteristics of our modern societies regarding civil unrest is their incredible increase in recent years. This despite a relative “black-out” media imposed by the power in place so as not to panic too much of the population. With the media presenting only one part of the problem without ever analyzing its […]

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How to develop the will to survive

There are people who crack under pressure and fear. Even professional soldiers, or police officers. What about you? In a situation of conflict or major disaster, your life could be at stake. The decisions you would take then could cost you or your loved ones. It is therefore important to learn how to control fear […]

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A time to be nice, a time to be mean

Have you ever wondered why in disasters or crisis situations, where people all face the same circumstances, there are some who pass by, while others are being roasted? Skills and preparedness are of course reasons, but not as much as the mental attitude! A survivor mentality can often make the difference between life and death. […]

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