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Survival knife – In what situation can it be used?

Many people want to acquire one of these famous ‘hunting knives’ such as the USN-1 Survival Knife (see photo) and ask a question, ‘How to use a survival knife ‘.

To this I would reply that a survival knife is simply a necessary tool to drive many essential spots.

A knife and primordial not only to survive in a hostile environment but it is also essential to accomplish daily tasks that we consider rather mundane.

Although we did not realize it, they have a very versatile use. Between semi-tool and semi-weapon, they become indispensable objects for walks in forest, pushed treks, marathons in mountain and others.

In a few ways, if you had a survival knife, then you are provided with a very high quality military knife, which can be used either in hand or simply hung on its belt. It allows you to approach your walk with a boost of confidence and those to deal with varied and more extreme situations.

Apart from cutting clothes, cutting meat and weeding a passage, there are many other applications and possible uses for one of these famous knives. Below are some of these applications.

Survival knife to make fire :

Can be one of the most misunderstood applications, but that can save your life. Your knife may in the first place allow you to cut a piece of wood. Then it will help you to cut wood chips by scraping a small branch with the blade and finally you will be able to scratch wood to get tinder.

These steps are very important to achieve your campfire and therefore create a cozy nest. They are especially important for warming up and protecting themselves from night-time animals that are most often afraid of fire, and thus an effective means of banishing themselves from all kinds of danger.

First aid :

Although an inexperienced person can do more damage than good, in a medical emergency, it can be a very versatile first aid tool.

Survival knife as weapon :

If one day you are in a situation that solicits that you find your food by your own means, then your hunting knife will become a more than useful weapon to hunt and fish.

By hooking it to a piece of wood you can make a makeshift spear and with a little ingenuity, your knife will become the only tool of infinite utility in your little survival kit. So do not forget it before hiking.

A tool for digging ?

If you have a very high quality knife (you will think of the hardness of the blade, the length / width and its resistance to rust), it can be used as a digging shovel.

But why dig with a knife? For example, to dig up earthworms to fish for fish, to dig a hole to make a fire and to prevent the burning of the forest, to bury leftovers like food waste (strictly food – respecting nature – thank you again), for Dig on a snowy ground and make a makeshift shelter under the snow.

Use your knife as a hammer

A good knife will have the end of its handle (also known as the pommel) very hard and especially very solid. It is therefore an ideal tool for hammering everything, such as building a makeshift shelter or planting a tent, not forgetting to make tools.

A knife can be used as a pile

If you have forgotten some of your gear, you can climb on a tree using your knife as a pile. You can also plant it on the ground and use it as a temporary fix to fix an emergency camp. But one of the best uses of this knife will remain the attachment of your supply bag to a tree out of insect range.

Build a shelter with a knife

A bushcraft knife will not only be very useful but also convenient to cut and harvest large branches in order to build a makeshift shelter. It will serve you to cut lianas.

Tool making  with knife

A knife is a tool in itself. But in addition to being a tool, it turns out that it can be used to make other tools. This can be manufactured and adapted to any kind of situation. You can make a spear, pikes to install your tent, prune a piece of wood to make fires and much more.

Adjust your equipment

And yes in the forest one does not have the luxury of convenience stores, then it is better to know how to use his knife to be able to reshape his clothes, tent, for a better comfort.


And here we have summarized some situations where your knife will be very useful. To be able to make a fire, a stretcher and even to construct its shelter, a survival knife will quickly become an indispensable tool for any hike worthy of the name.