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Top 10 non-perishable foods to have in your pantry

What are the essential foods to keep in your pantry to help you out at any time? What nutritious foods can you give to food banks to help families in need? Here are the top 10 nutritious foods that keep for a long time. 1. Canned legumes Canned legumes are perfect foods to troubleshoot at any time! Very nourishing […]

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Tips for maintaining your health

What to know To survive, you need water and food. You must also know how to keep a healthy hygiene! Personal hygiene In general, cleanliness is an important factor in preventing infections and diseases. It is also, if not more, important in a survival situation. Poor hygiene can reduce your chances of survival. A daily shower with hot water […]

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Baofeng UV-5R Review

Baofeng uv 5r review

Today in our editorial office has arrived the BaoFeng UV-5R transceiver. It’s time then to throw two lines down and tell you what we think. To begin I want to say now that making a comparison between the new BaoFeng UV-5R with the previous UV-R3 seems useless. The new device is a completely new device and completely detached […]

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