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10 Essential Items to Survive Chaos

10 Essential Items to Survive Chaos

More and more “dissident” sites are amusing themselves by publishing their own lists of what they consider necessary for the next societal collapse.

I therefore gathered some of the many possible elements that seem to me are indispensable in such an eventuality. There are probably many others, but it does not cost more to start with the basics …

History has proved that societies always collapse, and when they do, citizens are always the first to be surprised, and the worst prepared. To avoid such disappointments for my readers, it seemed appropriate to me to recall some fundamental bases with regard to a possible survival in a possible collapse.

It is quite obvious that a list like the one that follows is valid for a normal collapse, in quotes, apart from any dramatic and definitive event such as the fall of a gigantic asteroid or a nuclear war that would leave us crying at best, and would probably ignore all our pretty preparations.

So without further a due. Here are some of the basics to start with:

Long-term equipment and supplies

1. The books

It is undeniable that books contribute to survival in a long-term perspective. A small library made up of the most practical books in the most basic areas (agriculture, everyday life, defense, etc.) is certainly one of the essential things to possess. There are several reasons for this.

The first is that books offer unlimited knowledge , from gardening techniques to fishing or trapping. Such knowledge is now accessible to everyone, with a few clicks of the mouse and for a few dollar, if not for free.

The second is that each good book alone represents whole lives of experience and hardship, which it would be vain to pretend to acquire by oneself, Especially when there is only one life, time is short, and immediate solutions must be found to problems no less pressing. Books can provide vital information on how to build and strengthen a shelter, health, injury treatment, livestock management, culture, hunting, fishing, mechanics, etc. These are all vital areas for the survivor and his family who will find themselves alone (or in community) in a world to be rebuilt.

Having a small library covering the most important areas of human engineering is therefore indispensable to me. However, We must find immediate solutions to problems no less pressing. Books can provide vital information on how to build and strengthen a shelter, health, injury treatment, livestock management, culture, hunting, fishing, mechanics, etc. These are all vital areas for the survivor and his family who will find themselves alone (or in community) in a world to be rebuilt:

  1. Keep paper versions , that is, real books with real pages, not just computer files stored in a computer;
  2. Emphasize old books , even very old ones, the techniques of which are easy to implement and do not require modern equipment or machines. Reprints of old encyclopedias dating back one or two centuries are sources of invaluable knowledge.
  3. Do not get bogged down with unnecessary works, but choose the most remarkable in their respective fields. Two or three works for each branch of human activity are sufficient.
10 Essential Items to Survive Chaos

2. Wire and Needles

It is not something that one would think first, or even that one would think worthy to foresee. Yet, knowing how to sew and repair clothes is one of the essential skills, especially in the case of an economic collapse. This is the kind of skill and activity that your girlfriend or girl could very well take care of, unless they are already rotten by the feminism our society strives to stuff skull.

And even if you are alone or the one who accompanies you does not intend to make canvas to survive, it costs nothing or little to provide needles, thread, and other haberdashery items such as As some zippers or elastic band. Do not forget special needles, awls and threaded thread to sew the leather . This is the kind of article that keeps on indefinitely and will surely serve one day.

Why not a good book on sewing? Of course, a sewing machine like the one our grandmothers had at the beginning of the last century would be the ideal, if you have room for it (you know, these old black Singers mounted on a table and we conscientiously Thrown in the garbage through the generations …).

3. Seeds

When everything has been eaten, it will be necessary to think of producing (even before, if possible), and since the gardens are not delivered in turn by the Almighty, it will be necessary one day or the other to get dirty both (hands). To do this, seeds of the main varieties of fruits and vegetables, properly harvested and preserved, are essential.

The advantage of seeds is their small footprint. Tens of thousands can literally be stored in a simple glass jar. It is of course necessary to choose seeds of organic quality, the most rustic possible, adapted to the region where one lives. Although I am not a specialist in this field, I understand that the seeds are much longer than the seed – One or two years usually indicated on commercial bags. The connoisseurs are invited to comment on it, for the greater benefit of all readers.

Of course, one or two complete books on gardening and cultivation of the most common varieties are an indispensable complement. You will find many on the site referenced.

4. Livestock

As usual, the traditional farmyard animals are a real chierie to raise, in every sense of the term, not to mention the biggest. Anyone has chickens or other birds of the same level could confirm it. It is not for nothing that 500 peasants commit suicide in France each year.

However, such animals will be indispensable during or after chaos. 2 hens = 2 eggs per day = Survival. In addition, these chicks with feathers know to be content with a nothing to produce, if not a few verses that they find all alone and remain diverse. In this area, rabbits are not bad either, since it will suffice for them a little cut grass. All this to say that such farms do not require you to store mountains of ‘ Specific foods in preparation (seed bags or other).

Even if you are living in an urban environment, there is nothing to stop you from planning a few books that deal with the issue. Also know that the eternal Magnesium Chloride you have had the wisdom to store for you is also perfect for animals. A very large number of diseases can be cured by this almost miraculous remedy, including very heavy pathologies that make despair of poorly informed breeders and sometimes oblige them to sacrifice their entire herd (with the help of paid Disinform).

10 Essential Items to Survive Chaos

5. Tools

Most people do not realize the importance of having tools in a scenario of chaos, even (and most importantly) the most basic. In a post-apocalyptic civilization, nothing will be produced that can help in this sense. Even the forge requires the right tools to be able to make others. Anything that will be necessary to repair a shelter, to maintain its protection, or even a car, will have to be accomplished by means of conventional tools working with elbow oil.

It is therefore vital to invest in some basic and universal tools of good quality. Those who live in cities will have to plan for them, even if they do not have much room, even a complete kit to carry out emergency repairs. A shovel, a pick,

6. Weapons, cleaning kits, and ammunition

Both for personal defense and for possible exchanges, the security of the latter being inextricably linked to the capacity to provide its own protection. As for hunting, I personally believe much less, but most optimists will always be able to predict this eventuality (as well as the corresponding ammunition). We will have the opportunity to come back to the issue of weapons in future articles.

Short-term equipment and supplies

1. Razor blades

Razors as well as blades of the same name will be valuable things in a scenario of chaos. They cost nothing and take up little space. All serious survivist should make a good stock. Such articles will interest both men and women, that is to say, the whole population. Believe it or not, they will be worth gold when the time comes.

Moreover, one of the best signs to distinguish a survivist from the average lambda will be his appearance, ie clean and shaved for the first. I imagine he will find it to tell me that staying filthy would be a good way to blend in. Of course … It’s up to you to see; Everyone is free to stink as much as he wants. In this case, plan at least one stock for exchanges,

2. Alcohol and Tobacco

Never underestimate the value of alcohol and tobacco in a post-chaos society. In my opinion, this is an excellent area in which to specialize from now on, for those who are interested. You will always have customers, people who will be ready to exchange woman and child, or even a box of beans, for a simple joint. If you are able to meet the demand, then you and your family will never be in need.

During all the wars, lambda a little more clever than the average built real fortunes with the two or even one of these palliatives. Tell yourself that the more people will be desperate, the more they will turn to things that can make them forget their misfortunes. It’s sad to say, But human nature is thus made, and do not believe that you will change anything by preaching the good word.

In the case of alcohol, The equipment necessary for its manufacture should be provided immediately. For tobacco, you can buy seeds on the internet without problems, and store them in the expectation of the Big Day. Type ” Tobacco seeds ” on your search engine. There is an English site (UK) which offers of all kinds. Also include manuals for cultivation, drying and processing. Everything can be found on the Net. At worst you just print, and connect. Take care of it without waiting, and get the equipment as long as it is still possible to do so.

10 Essential Items to Survive Chaos

3. The ability to troubleshoot others

Or to bring solutions to the problems of your compatriots, whether through your own work, or through that of others through your interpersonal skills . One who possesses real skills – whether he is a doctor, a teacher, a gardener, a professional keeper, a roofer, a carpenter, a mason, and so on. – will see its value tenfold, while current social workers and lawyers will pick it up to beg in their corner.

Whoever has real know-how in his hand, this one will go far and will always find something to eat on his table. Any service will eventually cash in vital equipment such as food, weapons, ammunition, medicines and the like, And no longer in simple virtual writings on a bank account.

See now what REAL service you would be able to offer, or which you could develop in case you graduated from university without real competence (which goes hand in hand). You do not need to become an expert, or even find an essential or unusual area. A simple but precise and well-targeted know-how can become a goldmine in a context of chaos. The story of the guy from Sarajevo who had survived the war very comfortably because he had made a system to reload the lighters with a big gas bottle …

4. Things to trade

I am writing this with some reserve, insofar as barter can only be considered under certain conditions, the first of which is to have the necessary personnel to supervise its rear.

In a real context of chaos, it is quite obvious that it would be totally suicidal to go out with his basket of tomatoes from the garden under the arm to go to exchange them in the public square. All you gain from it is a bullet in your head. That said, bartering is something that can be envisaged, at least in absolute terms.

The ideal solution would be to store things of the first necessity and small volume. This is the rule for a profitable and safe barter. Simple things such as lighters, small bags of soluble coffee, shampoo, soap, Toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even makeup will have tremendous market value.

Oh yes, I forgot …

10 Essential Items to Survive Chaos
For the short and long term, a young and pretty companion in order to perpetuate the breed, among others, and to lay a few batch of small well-to-do survivalists. This is for the attention of the prone buttons that are regularly offended to find on this blog pictures of pretty girls, and class me of entry among the fumigators, who have for the majority never done anything nor seen of their life . To these frightened virgins, I say without detour: Gentlemen, go and show yourself!
And to all the others, thank you for your fidelity …