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Dried Meat

It is not easy to take food with you when you go to live in the wild, whatever the circumstances. So yes, it’s good to fish and hunt, to pick fruit on the spot. And this is what survivalists who really want to survive in the wild must learn to do, because it is the only way to survive for a long time. But good, a small piece of meat well prepared, from time to time, it can do good, especially the first few days …

Today, therefore, a publication inspired by advice given by one of our readers, on how to dry meat. Neither Greg nor I are experts on the subject, and the substance of the article comes entirely from what this sporting grandfather has explained to us …

I hope you like it, and you will want to try it .. But beware, several people have told me that it was not so easy to have a good result!

For example, the preparation was made for cute fillets, but this can adapt easily enough to other meat … Here is the procedure to follow (preferably between April and October, to avoid the wet season):

Dried MeatMaterial: buy 2 beautiful cute pork tenderloin, take a bowl 30cm in diameter, a ham bag, and nets (micro-aerated fabrics)


  • Make a hole on the side of the bottom of the basin, in order to have an outlet for the liquids that will be in it:
  • Spread a light bed of salt at the bottom of the bowl, place the cute fillets in it, then cover them with salt

.Dried MeatDried Meat

  • Leave the fillets so for 24 hours, putting the basin on a slope, so that the liquid can flow through the Dried Meathole you have previously drilled (and yes, it’s better!)
  • Rinse the fillets with clear water and soak them 12a 18h in a bucket of water, in order to remove the excess salt. Change water every 6 hours.
  • Remove the fillets from the water, put them in a bowl and season them (herbs of Provence, garlic, pepper, according to your tastes), then marinate them in port or cognac for about 48 hours, in the fridge
  • Fasten the nets with a string, put them in the nets, and put everything in the ham bag (to avoid having to share the meat with rude hosts!), Close the bag by leaving the string.

Dried MeatDried Meat

  • The nets are ready: dry them for about 15 days in a ventilated place, sheltered from predators bigger than those whose net already protects
  • Get the salt, put it to dry in the sun to be able to re-use it next time!
  • After 15 days, the nets have bleached in some places: they are ready. Store in the refrigerator as long as possible.

Attention however, even so, the meat does not keep 1 year. The idea is not to build a food stock for an emergency, but rather to prepare a planned departure.

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Thank you all, and especially a big thank you to our reader (who wished to remain anonymous) for this contribution !!