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What’s The Likeliness of a Zombie Apocalypse ??

Likeliness of a zombie apocalypse

I think I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead lately but the question of what is the likeliness of a zombie apocalypse occurring popped up. If mankind was threatened with extinction because of an apocalypse of zombies? This is the question that haunts all moviegoers since George A. Romero materialized, in 1968, the modern myth […]

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[Bear Grylls] Alone on a desert island? How to create a hammock with nothing, and sleeping away from crawling insects

Making a hammock

A few years ago for a move, I had to relinquish my hammock reluctantly. Maybe that’s why I like this video? Many survivalist know Bear Grylls for his many survival programs. And some users post excerpts that they consider interesting. Below, here’s how to build a makeshift hammock on a desert island, with almost nothing. A […]

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Jennifer’s Q&A

Hi, I’m Jennifer and Gabe wanted to introduce me to the blog by having me answer some questions so follow along to see my answers. Question 1 What’s your view on the term “prepper” and “survivalist” ? Do you view yourself as one ? Answer I don’t like the term prepper because when it’s used in the […]

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