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The Many Uses Of A Buckleless Paracord Bracelet

Paracord is a very durable material made from nylon cords which have been used for parachutes since World War 2. It is easy to buy or make a buckleless paracord bracelet which could save your life. There are a number of ways that you can use the bracelet to survive if you have to.

Creating A Shelter

Creating a shelter is something that you need to be able to do if you want to survive in the wilderness. A paracord bracelet will come in handy for this because you can use the cord to secure your shelter. All you will need to do is unweave the cord and use the inner-strands to tie branches together to form the frame of your shelter. If you are creating a lean-to shelter then you can use the cord to tie a heavy branch or log to a tree.

Use It For Fishing

Humans cannot survive without food and while hunting is an option, if you are close to water then you might want to try fishing instead. You can use the cord of the bracelet to create a fishing line and attaché a hook with bait to start fishing. Of course, you might not actually have a hook available or you may not feel like casting your line out constantly. In these cases, you can use the cord as a net.

The inner-strands of your bracelet will work as a gill net which catches any fish that swim into it. To create these nets you will need to use a heavier piece of cord for the top and bottom of the net. The smaller pieces of cord will then be looped around to make holes small enough to trap a fish, but large enough that the fish will try swimming through it.

Create A Snare Trap

If you are not able to fish then you can use your bracelet to make a snare trap. Snare traps are ideal for catching small game that runs along the ground. The trap works in a similar manner to the gill net as it entangles any animals that pass through it. To create the snare trap you will need to tie one end of the cord to a tree branch and make a noose on the other end. You need to ensure that the noose knot is loose enough to tighten when it is tripped by an animal.

The noose will need to be propped up by hammering a piece of wood into the ground and affixing the tree branch to it. Some people will carve a notch into the branch to make this easier, but this could cause the branch to break when the trap is sprung.

Start A Fire

Other than food, water and shelter, you will need heat to survive and you can use your bracelet to start a fire. This is a more advanced use of the bracelet and does require some practice to perfect. You will be using the bow method of creating a fire and the cord will be used to help create friction.