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Preparing for civil unrest

One of the major characteristics of our modern societies regarding civil unrest is their incredible increase in recent years. This despite a relative “black-out” media imposed by the power in place so as not to panic too much of the population. With the media presenting only one part of the problem without ever analyzing its […]

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Sand to protect against bullets

Sand has been used by the military for ages for ballistic protection. There are good reasons for this, apart from the fact that it is a material available on all theaters of operation, and cheap. Are these reasons justified? To answer this important question, here is a series of tests carried out with different calibers, […]

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How to Survive an Electromagnetic Pulse (1/2)

Imagine for a second: You wake up in the middle of the night and hear a crash outside. Your bedside lamp no longer works, and you must go in the dark to take the flashlight. Once outside, you realize that the blackout affected the whole neighborhood; You checked the phone: no dial tone. All this […]

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