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49 Things To Do Today To Prepare For A Crisis

Here are 49 things that we believe would be helpful in preparing for any unforeseen crisis that might happen in the future.

  1. Become a part-time entrepreneur. Car mechanic, urban farmer, welder, what you want. Just try to be productive and autonomous. No matter what you decide to do, get in touch with your suppliers and customers. You will find yourself free, and the underground market economy will thank you.
  2. Turn off the TV. Read books!
  3. Socialize with people who share your codes of ethics and who are just as productive and respectful as you. Eat together, chat, challenge each other, help each other, and have a good time.
  4. Buy a safe or deposit box.
  5. Invest in trust. Give people a service based on the principle of trust. Believe others at the word, and let them do the same with you.
  6. Help people meet their fellow men. When you talk to people, remember what they do, and when an opportunity comes up, have them meet other people in exchange for a sandwich, a beer, or whatever you do want.
  7. Travel, but do not just take pictures of landscapes – talk with locals. Think of the opportunities they could represent in terms of business.
  8. Start using nicknames.Get used to using them in everyday life.
  9. Learn how to use cryptography
  10. Learn ethical codes and the law (not the government’s)
  11. Study logic, and learn to recognize misconceptions
  12. Save more.Use your secondary job to save more money.
  13. Invest in projects with people around you.Lend small amounts of money to people and invest in their operations.
  14. Learn double entry accounting.Do not waste your time trying to know too much – just apply the basic concepts.
  15. Learn to write in coded language. We all have to use note taking, accounting and directories. yours will have to be difficult to understand in the eyes of someone with only a brief glance, and even more difficult to understand in the eyes of the person who will take the time to analyze them. Falsify dates, abbreviate, invent words. If you have more time available in front of you, learn secret codes and apply them to your own notes.
  16. Tell other producers, entrepreneurs and traders that you appreciate what they do.
  17. Buy as much as possible from those you know. Stay out of the official markets.
  18. In case of conflict, ask a third party to play the role of negotiator. Take charge yourself when you can. Stay out of the state judicial system.
  19. Start respecting the secrets you are told. Secrets are good things, unlike transparency. Stay away from the propaganda that wants everything to be known.
  20. Make your part time job full time slowly. Why not become an undeclared dental hygienist?
  21. Working in an unofficial way means that you have to excel in your field?
  22. Do not invest in unique transactions, invest in market relations.
  23. Do you think that there is no point in voting?
  24. Work with your friends to set up buying and selling associations. This will allow you to get a lot of money back and save more.
  25. Host a fugitive (someone nice, of course).
  26. Help someone cross an undocumented border.
  27. Offer gold or silver to small traders rather than paper money.
  28. Sell ​​your products for gold or silver.
  29. Accept and use digital gold, like Pecunix and C-Gold.
  30. Launch a community currency in your city.
  31. Use digital currency like eCache.
  32. Use Loom and Truebanc.
  33. Take your anonymity very seriously on the internet.
  34. Impose your will on the world.
  35. Remember that it is not enough to be ‘in the right’, but that it is also necessary to be able to benefit from it.
  36. Learn from your mistakes Avoid repeating them.
  37. Learn to communicate effectively. Again, not to prove that you are right, but to spread the right ideas.
  38. Learn new ways to disobey the state. Tell your friends how to do it.
  39. Get used to the term ‘economic civil disobedience’.
  40. Are you saying that the state has nothing magical – it is nothing more than a handful of your neighbors – and that it is no more ethical or nobler than the poor kind of beside.
  41. Learn to recognize logic problems. Most lies are credible as long as they have not been presumed to be illogical.
  42. Learn to disagree with kindness.
  43. Accept the fact that most people are only interested in self-esteem. Know that the government appreciates their condition, since it makes the people easier to control – a little shame can go a long way.
  44. Do not waste your time thinking about the economic crisis. Concentrate on more substantial things. Political dramas are a waste of time, and the statists are crazy.
  45. Use jurisdictional arbitration to deprive the state of your currency. Join your friends if the costs are too much for you.
  46. Learn to defend yourself, your family, your neighbors and your city. No state means no military power. Get weapons and get used to the idea of ​​using them. Decide in advance how and when to use them. Do not let your emotion of the moment take over.
  47. Do something good for your neighbor. The people who live closest to you are more important than everyone else.
  48. Help people who are suffering for no reason. No state means that you are responsible for establishing charities – which will be a much simpler task when the state stops stealing all your money. Do what is in your power today to get used to this idea.
  49. Pay attention to your friends. Be able to tell if they have had a bad day, and show them your friendship. If they are exhausted, carry their burden with them. We all go through difficult times. Help each other.