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Predators and Psychopaths: Defenses (3)

In the first part of this article, we had studied the main traits of the personality of psychopaths, and the key points of their behavior. In a second, their mode of operation, as well as other considerations about secondary psychopaths and group behavior. In this third and last part, we will study the means of defense that we can use […]

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Predators and Psychopaths: Procedure (2)

In the first part of this article, we studied the two main types of criminals, and in particular psychopaths through their fundamental characteristics. In this second and penultimate part we shall see some specimens of this species, as well as their mode of operation. I personally believe that these articles are extremely important. They will help […]

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Pistol or Revolver: Tactical differences

For the prepper as for the sports shooter wanting to acquire a handgun, the eternal question of the choice between a pistol or a revolver arises. Beyond the personal tastes and operating principles related to the weapons themselves, there are also tactical differences that can guide the choice of the end user. What is the […]

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How to Make Colloidal Silver at Home

There are probably some methods on the net to make yourself colloidal silver at home. One of the readers of the blog sent me his own, which I found particularly simple and well explained. So here it is … The properties of silver are considerable (antibiotic, antifungal …). It is a metal with powerful medical properties. It […]

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