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What is Bushcraft Camping

Love the outdoors? Craving a unique camping experience? Then bushcraft camping is for you! Learn all about bushcraft camping – what it is, how to do it, and why you should try it – in this blog post. We’ll cover everything from essential tools to tips and tricks that will help make your next outdoor adventure a success!

What is Bushcraft Camping?

What is Bushcraft Camping

-What is Bushcraft Camping?
Bushcraft camping is an outdoor recreational activity that involves the use of wilderness survival skills and minimal equipment.

It is a serious endeavor and requires participants to be well-prepared for the challenging environment.

Campers must bring their own water supply, cook over a campfire, and learn basic skills such as fire craft, camp craft, foraging, stalking, and purifying water.

Bushcraft camping is a great way to test your mettle and experience the joys of nature while learning how to thrive in the wilderness.

With the right knowledge and preparation, bushcraft camping can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

The Benefits of Bushcraft Camping

Bushcraft camping is an activity that combines wilderness survival skills and traditional camping.

It is a type of camping that involves living in remote, wild locations, and the use of basic, natural materials to survive and thrive.

This type of camping provides many benefits, such as improved physical and mental health, increased self-confidence, and greater self-sufficiency.

Additionally, bushcraft camping helps people to become better connected to nature, while also teaching valuable life skills that can be useful in any emergency situation.

Gear You’ll Need for Bushcraft Camping

Bushcraft camping is an outdoor activity that combines traditional camping with wilderness skills such as fire-building, shelter-building, wilderness navigation, and food gathering.

It requires a certain set of gear to ensure a successful and safe experience.

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This includes a sleeping bag and sleeping mat for staying warm and comfortable, a bivvy bag and tarp for shelter, a rucksack and rucksack liner for carrying supplies, a billy for cooking, a fixed blade knife for cutting and processing, a waterproof jacket for protection from the elements, and a tent or hammock for sleeping.

With the right gear, anyone can enjoy a successful bushcraft camping adventure.

Cooking and Eating in the Wild

Bushcraft camping is a way of connecting with nature that involves sourcing your own food and cooking it in the wild.

It is an ancient practice that our ancestors used to sustain themselves while living as hunter-gatherers.

Common bushcraft cooking techniques include making cooking tripods, skewering meats over a fire, and preparing family meals at camp.

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Additionally, backcountry camping often requires meal preparation in a designated food preparation area.

To ensure that you have enough to eat, you need to plan ahead and bring enough supplies to sustain yourself.

This can be done by foraging, hunting, or fishing in the wild.

If you don’t have access to a stove, there are still ways to eat while wild camping such as relying on uncooked foods and snacks or cooking directly on the fire.

By incorporating bushcraft camping into your outdoor experiences, you can take the time to appreciate and connect with nature in a more meaningful way.

Choosing a Tent Site

Choosing the right tent site is an important part of any camping or bushcraft experience.

When making your selection, consider the terrain, such as whether the ground is flat or sloped, and the weather conditions that you may encounter.

Ensure your tent has a high waterproof rating, such as a Hydrostatic Head (HH) rating of at least 3000mm, to best protect against the elements.

Also consider investing in a 3-season tent if you plan on camping in a variety of climates, as this will provide adequate protection from the elements.

Finally, be sure to follow all no trace camping guidelines to protect the environment and keep your campsite safe.

Building a Fire and Staying Warm

Bushcraft camping is a great way to connect with nature and learn how to survive in the wilderness.

It involves building a shelter, cooking food, and living off the land using natural materials.

Fire is an essential part of bushcraft camping and can be used for warmth, cooking, water purification, and even warding off predators.

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Building a fire in winter conditions can be difficult, but with good organization, it’s possible to keep a campfire going all night.

Heat-resistant materials such as canvas and tarps can be used to protect the fire from the elements and keep it burning longer.

Bushcraft camping is a great way to learn wilderness survival skills and stay warm and fed in an emergency.

Outdoor Hygiene Tips for Bushcraft Campers

It is important for campers to stay aware of outdoor hygiene tips in order to maintain their health and wellbeing.

This includes washing dishes and laundry with biodegradable soap, using unscented, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and bringing items like a bushcraft wool clothing to stay warm and dry.

Furthermore, it is also important to leave a clean campsite for the next group of campers.

By following these tips, bushcraft campers can be better prepared for their camping trips and enjoy their time outdoors.

Survival Skills Essential for Bushcraft Campers

It is focused on being able to live out in nature and learning the skills necessary to survive.

Bushcraft skills include firecraft, tracking, shelter building, foraging, fishing, and hunting.

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These skills are important for providing warmth, cooking food, boiling water, and hunting.

Bushcraft camping is a great way to learn these skills and become better equipped to survive in the wild.

It is also a great way to deepen your appreciation for nature and develop a sense of connection with the natural environment.

Different Types of Animal Tracks to Look For

By looking for different types of animal tracks, you can learn more about the local wildlife in your area.

Common animal tracks to look out for include those of white-tailed deer, black bears, river otters, squirrels, and skunks. Knowing what to look for is key in helping identify any animal.

Furthermore, investing in a pocket guide to animals/tracks can provide more information about the types of animal tracks you may find.

With bushcraft camping, you can take a step outside the comfort of your own home and gain a greater understanding of the natural world around you.

Finding Water Sources When Outdoors

Bushcraft camping is a great way to spend quality time in nature.

It involves basic survival skills and the ability to find and use water sources, like rivers, streams and lakes, while being mindful of the environment.

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One of the most important skills necessary for bushcraft camping is the ability to locate and purify water sources.

To do this, campers must use a variety of techniques, such as filtering water with a cloth, boiling it to make it safe, using fishing line to catch small animals which may contain drinkable water and using iodine tablets to purify water.

Finding and purifying water sources is essential for any outdoor trip, so learning these skills is essential for any bushcraft camper.

Making Your Own Tools in the Wild

Bushcraft camping is an outdoor activity that involves the use of natural materials to craft tools and shelters.

It is a skill that requires knowledge and practice, and involves hiking and camping in the wilderness with minimal supplies.

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The ultimate survival tool is a knife or blade, but multi-tools, fixed blade knives, and even settler’s wrenches can be used to make an emergency shelter with ease.

Bushcraft campers must be aware of their surroundings and prepared for any situation, but with the right equipment it is possible to create tools for any situation.

Natural Navigation Skills for Outdoorsmen

Bushcraft is a set of essential skills and knowledge that outdoorsmen use to survive in the wilderness.

These skills include building a shelter, creating fire, foraging for food, collecting water, and making cordage.

Natural navigation is one of these important bushcraft skills.

It involves using what is in nature to navigate unfamiliar terrain, such as using the stars, sun, and plants to find one’s way.

Navigation skills are essential for any outdoorsman, as they can help them avoid dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations.

Knowing how to find one’s way in the wild is an invaluable tool for any person who ventures into the wilderness.

Identifying Edible Plants on Your Adventure

Bushcraft camping is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, and among the most important skills to have is the ability to identify edible plants.

Learning about edible wild plants and having the confidence to identify them is crucial for a successful bushcraft camping trip.

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There are many resources available to learn more and to get an understanding of how to identify edible plants.

Campers can find books and items at that will help them get started on their adventure.

Additionally, multi-day hands-on wild food adventures and teach-ins are available to learn more about edible wild plants in the Pacific Northwest.

Knowing when to harvest plants is also important, as harvesting them too early can reduce the nutritional value.

During a bushcraft camping trip, it is important to be aware of poisonous plants and to be able to identify edible plants in order to avoid any issues.

Adventure travel and foraging courses offer an opportunity to learn more about edible plants and how to identify them, while bushcraft experts can provide valuable advice on what tools are needed for a successful survival experience.

How to Handle Emergencies While Camping In the Wilderness

Bushcraft camping is a great way to explore the wilderness and all its wonders. It is important to be prepared for emergencies while in the wilderness.

Experts recommend having a book on plants in the area, as well as a first aid kit and other survival tools on hand.

Knowing how to treat someone for shock and how to use an epinephrine auto-injector is also essential, in case of any allergic reactions.

Additionally, having basic emergency preparedness skills is important, so it is worth taking the time to research and practice them.

With the right preparation and knowledge, anyone can enjoy the great outdoors while being safe and prepared for any potential emergencies.


Bushcraft camping is a type of outdoor recreational activity that requires the use of survival skills and techniques to survive in the wilderness.

It is a subset of survival camping, which focuses on living out in nature and learning how to survive in the wilderness.

It involves sleeping in a tent and using techniques to keep oneself warm and fed in an emergency.

It includes essential wilderness equipment, personal wilderness first aid kit, and bushcraft survival kit.

Bushcraft camping is more difficult than traditional camping and requires more skills and knowledge than camping.