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How To Use A P-38 Can Opener

Hey Guys it’s Jennifer do you have these little p38 can openers??

They were created by the military back during World War 2 and were dropped in with meals to the troops as so they can open things like C rations and K rations with a p38 can opener and so, when you look for the p38 can openers they’re handy little gadgets.

They’re super flat you’ve ever been in Boy Scouts you may have received a p38 from your Scoutmaster there’s a little hole in the p38 can opener so you can even hook it to your key chain or some of the military guys even used to hang them on their dog tags.

A p38 can opener was that important to them to be able to open canned foods in all emergency situations so it’s fine to find the p38 can openers but then you have to learn how to use them to open cans in emergency situations. So, what you do is you fold the blade out and then you go to the rim of your can and puncture it and for me that’s the hardest part.

It’s getting the can punctured, did you hear it then you go around they can pushing on it like this in your work the opener around the can and the reason they call this a p38 can opener is because they figure it takes 38 punctures to open the can with.

A p38 emergency can opener can that they would open so you can see this p38 can opener works it’s not as easy as you think so get some of these and then try using a few times so you’re familiar with them. I have lots of them whenever I see the mat things like gun shows I buy several of them because I put them in places like my Bug Out Bag.

I have one in my car I have them in camping gear and have him in hunting bags and I want to have them all over the place because if you have lots of canned goods that you are stockpiling and saving for emergency food supply food stockpile they aren’t going to do you any good if you can’t get them open okay.

You can see how it works and I’m not going to make you watch me go around and around with my little weak hand the other thing that I do is if you buy number 10 cans of dehydrated long term food for food storage. I put the p38 can openers under the lid store them with the food for emergencies put them under the lid on some of these so that I have extras should I be stranded somewhere.

All I did was remember to grab a big can of food or something. I can still open it anyway, look for these p38 can openers try to find ones that are made in the United States so they are actually going to last and grab a bunch of them and keep with your Bug Out Gear, Camping Gear, Hunting Gear, In your Car and Get Home Bag