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Top 10 Forgotten Bug Out Bag Items

Hey guys, Gabe here with PrepperTidbits you know allot of times when people put there first bug out bag together they get the basics down.They get a knife, they get some cordage. A flash light, maybe even a tent and they think, “well I’m good to go, bring on the zombie apocalypse!” Well simmer down there hauss.

There are allot of very important items that people often over look and forget about.With that in mind, today I am bringing you the top 10 most forgotten bug out bag items. Stay tuned.

1. Anti Diarrhea Medicine

So my number 1 item is anti diarrhea medicine. In pretty much any type of disaster your going to be under allot of stress.Your diet is probably going to change. You might end up drinking some water you probably shouldn’t be.

And shits going to happen, literally. Not only is it a messy situation, but it can be life threatening.So really simple, some anti diarrhea medicine.

Its cheap, its light weight, its small.This could save your ass one day.

2. Sewing Kit

My number 2 item is a sewing kit. So people often forget that your clothes is part of your shelter system. You know, shelter is one of the most important things when you are out in the wilderness and your clothes are part of that system.

So if you get a hole in your pants and end up tearing, your pants are now ineffective.

They are not going to protect you from the elements Not just your pants but your sleeping bag, your bug out bag you know allot of these articles of clothing, if they get torn they are going to be useless. So just be prepared and have a sewing kit.

They are cheap, they are small, they are light weight. You don’t really have an excuse not to have this in your bug out bag.

3. Water Purification

I personally carry a katadyn water filter/bottle. It’s got a charcoal filter in here but there are other types of systems you can use such as life straws or there are pumps you can have.

Allot of people overlook water.

They focus on knives, they focus on guns, they focus on food and they don’t think about water, yet water is more important than any of those things with out water, you can only survive for 3 days.

So get yourself any type of water filter even if it’s a cheap life straw or a cheap water bottle like that that was only $40 get yourself a water filtration system.

4. Bandana

It might not seem like it but a bandana can be incredible versatile You can use this for first aid you can use this to filter water you can use this to carry food and store food you can use this to collect due there are many uses for a bandana and again it dosent take up much room, its cheap and its very light weight. So get yourself a bandana.

5. Road Map

There is a really good chance you might end up on foot at some point and having to navigate on your own your GPS probably wont work anymore in a worse case scenario.

And you have to figure out your quickest way away from civilization Away from the other refuges This map is going to help you it will help you find water sources it will help you find your bug out location It will help you find a national park.

What ever you want.

This little map is going to help you dramatically.

And again its cheap, its light weight, you have no excuse not to have a local map in your bag.

6. Bug Spray

So my number 6 item is a little bit of a luxury item if you have ever done any serious camping you know how valuable this is And that is bug spray. In the summer time the mosquitoes can absolutely ruin your day.

Not only that, they can transmit allot of fatal diseases You really don’t want.

Again, its cheap, its small, its light weight, get some bug spray.

7. Portable Radio.

So I have actually got on that hand cranked and it also doubles as a flash light, very useful but if in the worst case scenario you want to be able to listen to the news and listen to weather forecast this will also come in handy not just in bug out situations but bugging in situations.

When ever I have a power outage, this is always the first thing I grab just so I can list to the radio and listen to any major news reports. This is not as cheap, its not light weight, it is small but get yourself a portable radio for you bug out bag.

8. Change of Clothes

I keep mine in a dry sack so it doesn’t take up as much space.

If my bag ever gets wet, these will stay dry.

So my personal change of clothes is camouflage.

And I like that because when I am in an urban environment I don’t want to be wearing camo’s . I want to blend in with my environment and that’s going to be an urban outfit when I am out in the wilderness, that is when I want to put my camo’s on and put away my urban outfit that might stand out in contrast to the woods.

So make sure you have a change of clothes with some dry socks and dry underwear in your bug out bag.

9. Oral Hygiene

My number 9 item is oral hygiene I think allot of people really overlook this one. Personally I don’t want to go 4 or 5 days with out brushing my teeth and lets say it’s even longer, would you go a month with out brushing you teeth ?? A year without brushing you teeth! That’s disgusting, you will have so many cavities.

In a really shitty situation, if you get a cavity It’s going to make it so much worse.

You are not going to want to eat or drink. Oral hygiene is overlooked but it is very important in a really shitty situation like that. So a little thing of crest and a little tooth brush that’s all you need, its cheap, its light weight its small take care of it.

So I have saved the most important item for last.

You ready, drum roll please Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

10. Survival Guide

Its a survival guide, this will save your life. If I had a knife and this book I could go live out in the woods for a month and be.

Alive at the end of it.

Ok, this is going to teach you how find food, how to find water, how to build shelter, how to signal for help, first aid! Everything is in here.

Knowledge is power! This is probably the most important item in my bug out bag.

I would trade any other item, including my gun for this.

I would trade my knife for this book.

A survival guide like this, is absolutely the most crucial to your bug out bag and this should be the first item that you put in your bug out bag.

This is the most important thing in there.

So there you go guys, that is , in my opinion, the 10 most forgotten bug out bag items. Did I leave anything off the list? Let my know down the comments, I am really interested in hearing what you guys think If you guys enjoyed this article don’t forget to hit the like button down below and don’t forget to join our newsletter for more bugging out and prepping article!.