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Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

A budget friendly option for three season backpacking or camping, the Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag offers comfort with a neat zipper design that allows for easy temperature regulation.

Let’s take a closer look.

Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag ReviewThe first thing I want to talk about with this sleeping bag is the fill and how it is going to insulate.

It has got Kelty’s Therma Pro Synthetic Insulation.

This is designed as a light-weight and compressible synthetic insulation that is going to be able to pack down a little smaller than some other synthetic blends out on the market.It is also going to rebound nicely so it will maintain loft and maintain its insulating properties for a long time.

Some synthetics can compress down and essentially lose insulation over time.This one is designed so that it will maintain its life for quite a while.It is also, as I said, a synthetic insulation, so it is going to resist moisture and if it does become wet it is going to maintain a lot of its insulating properties.

So it retains most of its insulation if it gets wet.So in the event that, you know, your tent leaks or you are out and you get somehow get wet, it is going to provide warmth regardless, so some nice features about that synthetic insulation there.

Looking at some of the features in this sleeping bag we have got a nice offset quilt construction in the baffles .So you have got some really large baffles in that synthetic insulation.As I said, offset in there so it is going to allow for that rebound and that long life.

We do have a two way locking zipper so it can zip from the front or the top or the bottom and a nice feature about that zipper is that it kind of cuts off here right before the feet. So that is where you are getting that Tuck naming from.

This will allow you to unzip the bottom and what is a nice feature about that is that you can just stick your feet out and that will allow for some really good temperature regulation in the foot box area there.

Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

So you can stick them out or you can tuck them in, as the name suggests.

Now under that zipper all the way up you do have an anti snag draft tube.

So there is this insulated tube to provide good insulation throughout the length of the zipper without snagging or pulling on the zipper so you can easily open that up or zip it back down, a pretty nice feature there.

Up at the top we do have draw cords that will cinch down the top and bottom of the hood of the sleeping bag.

So this is a mummy style sleeping bag, and it does have a full and insulated hood and you can use those draw cords to cinch down the hood in the event that it gets a little bit cooler throughout the night.

So nice feature up there.

And we have also got a draft collar on the inside of the hood or the neck area of the sleeping bag.So that is a lightly insulated collar that is going to allow for some, again, some warmth retention and it is going to help you stay warm if it does happen to get a little colder throughout the night.

We have got some nice features in play on the top of the sleeping bag.Some other features that I want to mention about that bag.It does have loops kind of on the outside throughout.

We have got some sleeping pad loops to, you know, if you want to lash your sleeping pad around the sleeping bag you can do so.

There are some internal liner loops so if you have a sleeping bag liner that you want to put inside the bag, there are liner loops that will help that stay in place as well.

And on the bottom you do have some hang loops as well.

So if you just need to hang the bag, maybe dry it out, there are some loops down here for you todo that.There is also a neat media pocket on the inside.

So right on the inside just below the zip-per we do have a Kelty media pocket, so nice area you can store your phone, maybe an iPod or any other type of mp3 player, a nice little pocket for that there.

Finally, Kelty does include a stuff sack with this bag.

It is just a nice, lightweight nylon stuff sack, allow you to compress that down, you know.It will compress pretty well. You can put it into a compression sack and get a little bit more compressibility out of it, but the stuff sack they include is fairly nice.

It has got a nice draw cord at the top, allow you to, you know, stow that away in a backpack or suitcase if you are traveling.

So there you have it.

It is a nice, lightweight, compressible option allowing for easy temperature regulation in the backcountry.

It is the KeltyTuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag.