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Survivalism and its prejudices

The world of survival is full of misconceptions and prejudices. The first stemmed from the lack of reflection and experience, which prompted many survivalists to swallow everything they found on sites and in books wishing to be wise;

The latter, the usual limitations of human thought, which likes to shave daisies, relies on appearances and lacks depth.

So here are some ideas that are commonly accepted (wrongly), and which deserve to dwell on them as they hold an important place in the strategy of many survivalists …

To every lord, all honor … We start with the prejudice-king, the one who makes make and break the BOB according to the 210,000 videos dedicated to them on YouTube, the champion any category; I named :

1. The wilderness offers more resources than the city

You want to laugh ? Seriously, I invite each of you to experience it. Maybe you’ve done it already, so try it again. Push into a thick forest, plant your bivouac in the middle of nowhere, and start looking for food (and water). So try to stay a week by consuming only what you will harvest on the spot. We meet again to take stock, okay?

Some survival professionals will tell me that you can find animals and plants to feed on, once you have learned to recognize them. This is true in some cases, and I am not saying the opposite, although I would like to invite these good people to frequent the forests of the Var hinterland in summer … Without going so far, I will simply tell them that there are as many in town, if not more. Dogs, cats and rats exist in large quantities in agglomerations, and are eaten as well as rabbits in a context of survival. Dandelions, brambles and nettles are found in all urban or semi-urban environments. As well as pigeons, which can be consumed or captured for breeding and eggs. Not to mention the forgotten food and other tin cans that can be dropped by excavating abandoned dwellings.

The urbanized areas constitute huge open-air supermarkets where everything is found for all needs. Think for a moment; Plants and herbal teas available in pharmacies, vitamins, protein powders, Food supplements, minerals in capsules, baby food, for pets. In baker’s shops: salt, flour, yeast, chocolate, etc. Even if the bigger would fly more or less quickly, there will always be something somewhere that can help.

Not to mention equipment of all kinds , clothes, tools, spare parts, appliances and various supplies … All this will literally abound in inhabited areas. Try to find the material to make a fortune in the middle of a forest, or even just old newspapers to replace the toilet paper! If I were to be dropped in the middle of a chaos, way Terminator in his bubble, I sincerely ask myself,

It would not be better to land in the middle of America rather than the Bois de Boulogne … And I could continue in the same way about other equally fundamental resources in the event of societal collapse, especially human ones. People tend to underestimate the social bond, to the point of finding it secondary or even useless. If there are so many singles and single people today, it is because the spirits are filled with false values ​​and futile occupations by the Satanists who direct us. The day when computers, TV and the rest stop, these people will understand what implies and means the absence of communitarianism, even if only familial. It is in cities, villages and peripheries, melting pot of populations,

Survivalism and its prejudices

Survivors in their ADBs or deserted countryside will face a severe isolation problem if they are overrepresented and will have to deal with very crucial practical and tactical constraints. To tell you the truth, I would not be surprised if some of them abandoned their rural habitat after the fires were extinguished to reach other more urbanized communities once they realized their lack of skills or preparedness and The dangers they incur.

Keep in mind that ADBs and other country houses require seasoned survivalists to implementand run them. If you are not already installed and stand alone before the chaos, There is no chance that you will become it of yourself afterwards, at least in a sufficient time. Culture and breeding are not improvised. You will die of hunger before harvesting your first potatoes or your first eggs. People will need to regroup in towns and villages because they simply do not have the know-how and / or necessary skills to live in the countryside.

To conclude and summarize, the campaign offers more resources than the city only if it is put into cultivation and exploited , which is far from the rule. An AfDB is fully operational only if it is self-sufficient and has sufficient staff to defend it. If this is not the case on the day of events,

2. The countryside is safer than the city

This is the second argument that is intended to be “concrete” in favor of the campaign, and that its supporters do not forget to repeat to the novice as a mantra. But on analysis, we see that it holds no more than the first, or at least that it is far from being as obvious as it appears.

The highwaymen and the itinerant criminal groups have always existed. The case of the Drivers of the Drôme , which terrorized the inhabitants of the countryside around Valence and Romans-sur-Isère between 1905 and 1908, is a typical example. It was even at the origin of the creation by Clemenceau of the famous Brigades of the Tiger. These criminals were brought in at night to their victims and burned their feet in the chimney or embers to make them confess where they hid their savings, hence the nickname “drivers”, before they were murdered. They were finally captured after eighteen people were knocked down, and guillotined in public place before two thousand others.

Today, crime has taken another form, but be sure that it will regain its nobility and procedures of yesteryear once the lights go out. After the cities have been sacked, the hungry, looters and other criminals will trace out to the periphery. The countryside is never far from the cities, The lines of communication abound and are in excellent condition. No matter where you live, you can be sure to see one day or another of the evildoers disembark. Make sure that if you are alone in your ADB, in sub-count or unprotected, then you will have no more chance of resisting them than if you live in the city.

Survivalism and its prejudices

The Drivers of the Drome, a few seconds before their execution. It was September 23, 1909, just 100 years ago …

The criminals are not all as stupid as one might think, especially when it comes to sniffing good shots. In the event of a clash, they will know that people in the countryside are by definition more far-sighted and busier than those in cities, and will not hesitate to visit them. I personally believe that insecurity will not be so much a problem related to the location (where we live), But rather to the general conditions surrounding events (nature, extent, suddenness, duration, etc.).In fact, if we look at the last civil war conflicts in Europe, we can see that the campaigns were not safer, and the crimes were even more violent. This latter characteristic is a universal constant, even in times of peace. It is due to two main factors: remoteness, and lack of population.

I also believe that the main stumbling block is ultimately lack of resilience. As mentioned in various articles, the fact that we are no longer able to produce enough to feed the whole population is a crucial and unavoidable problem. The peasant world has practically disappeared, voluntarily destroyed by our successive governments. If we are to return to a level of population such as that which we can actually feed, then we must expect dramatic skimming. Unfortunately, this is what will happen in the event of a collapse. The problem, Is not so much in the distribution of resources between the city and the countryside, it is in the global shortage ; The fact that people live in one rather than the other may not change much in the end.

The last epidemic of the Black Death in the Middle Ages decimated more than half of the population of Europe. We must expect that the next catastrophe will do as much, if not worse. Despite this, let’s keep hope, and recognize that if we are here today, it is because there have been survivors, and there will always be, regardless of the magnitude of the disaster. Other will probably not change much in the end. The last epidemic of the Black Death in the Middle Ages decimated more than half of the population of Europe. We must expect that the next catastrophe will do as much, if not worse. Despite this, let’s keep hope, and recognize that if we are here today, it is because there have been survivors, and there will always be, regardless of the magnitude of the disaster. Other will probably not change much in the end. The last epidemic of the Black Death in the Middle Ages decimated more than half of the population of Europe. We must expect that the next catastrophe will do as much, if not worse. Despite this, let’s keep hope, and recognize that if we are here today, it is because there have been survivors, and there will always be, regardless of the magnitude of the disaster.

3. The human being needs a starter, a main course, three cheeses and a dessert

I find some survivalists quite sickening about their preparations, even indecent. They seem to have forgotten what they are preparing for, namely survival, and their behavior tinged with individualism and “in my opinion the deluge” shows that they have never experienced such situations. The American Preppers are undeniably the champions in this field. When I see some videos on the Internet where they display with complacency and pride their mountain of tomato sauce, tinned sausages, Kinders and other dirty, it literally comes to me the urge to vomit.

Do they really believe they would need all this to survive? If that is the case, Then they are incurable and deserve no better than having their stocks stung by hungry criminals. All the more so because in wanting to continue a normal life in a context of chaos, they only demonstrate the absence of the first qualities indispensable to the survivalist, namely the ability to adapt.

Survivalism as it exists across the Atlantic is a huge business. It happens very slowly in Europe, and it is important not to fall into the panel.

I lived with the Filipino peoples of the mountains, three hours of sloping tracks east of Baguio, on the island of Luzon. A corner lost in cold and rain, without electricity or running water; A corner where he only grows rice, cabbages and onions, These three foods being in fact the basis of the supply of premises for ages. And you can not imagine how sturdy and tough these people are.

When you freeze your freeze-dried rations and other hyper-protein tarts, they will start by laughing, then you take the word … It will be cabbage vs. sauerkraut, somehow. And you will leave your feathers, your barda and everything else when you see them climbing the mountains running, and you will try to follow them while spitting your lungs. And even if they eat a dog on holidays, that’s not what can make a difference.

And I saw the same thing in Paraguay, where the poorest families feed almost exclusively on vegetables and “Mandioca”, Root more commonly known as cassava or tapioca. They do not know dental caries, dentures, alopecia or graying temples and work in the fields until old age, while in Europe, Alzheimer’s is working …

Survivalism and its prejudices

Our dear doctors, desiring at all costs to see us sick to bring back more, are anxious to make us believe that we are omnivorous, and that we must eat everything to be in good health. Billions of people around the world are there to prove the opposite, and are doing better.

You do not need to store an entire grocery store to survive, that’s my point. You can go into your underground shelter by eating only rice, lentils or beans if you do not have anything else, for months if you need to, and your body will not get any more wrong. A small grilled rat here and there for the animal protein, and the trick will be played. You will come out of it all exhilarated and beautiful as a new penny …

4. It takes material to survive

The modern world and the technology that accompanies it have accustomed us to depend on countless devices and instruments in our everyday life, whether at work or at home. From the electric toothbrush in the morning to the evening TV, it now seems inconceivable to live without. And that is what we will have to do in the not so distant future.

This materialistic frenzy has invaded all areas, and that of survival has not been spared. We find more and more equipment of all kinds in specialist dealers, but more serious is the tendency that would make us believe that it is essential to have them …

Since the beginning of this blog, I have Ceased to repeat that man does not ” Needs little to survive, both as regards the maintenance of his body and to carry out the activities necessary for this maintenance. I lived with people who had nothing but a small wood-burning stove to cook their rice, three pots, two knives, and as many cans for water. That did not stop them from being happy and healthy.

Although it may make life easier on the surface, it is not necessary to have a solar charger, nor a red dot on its 12 gauge. I am not saying that it is not Have them, or they are useless; I am only saying that these things are not part of life. The argument that it is necessary, Money to prepare for survival is perfectly stupid and misleading.

There are thousands of lists on the Internet about what should be in anticipation of the day when the lights will go out. Each survival specialist, ex-military or licensed baroudeur offers his own. Thousands of survivalists try to justify theirs on YouTube, videos in support. It is quite obvious that I could give you one, which would be worth the others if not more. Instead, I offer you a simple experience that will allow you to know exactly and by yourself  what it will take that you have the day when the lights go out …

It is a Something that each of us should start by doing, Rather than wasting his time chasing after magic lists. She asks for personal involvement, rather than waiting for others to come up with possible solutions. You see the shed in the picture below?

Survivalism and its prejudices

I simply ask that you find a similar one near you and spend a week there, alone or with your family if necessary.

A whole week without running water or electricity. I assure you that you could not do better to know exactly what you will need on the big night.

And the funniest part of it – or the most pathetic, depending on how you see things and the mood of the moment – is that after having carried out this experience, walked through the best sites, read the best books and viewed The best videos, you will fall back exactly on what our grandparents had that lived in the country; No more no less. Some candles, a 12, a pulley for the well …