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Prepper’s Bookshelf


So it’s the end of the world as we know it. Whatcha gonna read? OK, I’ve got just a few that I wanted to recommend that are items that I consider must haves for a world without rule of law (WROL) End of the World as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) type situation.

Number one would be a good study Bible. This is the English Standard Version. It’s a little bit more in-depth than just a standard everyday reading Bible, probably be good to have where maybe you’re in a situation where you can’t attend services. You’re going have to be doing your own services with your group.

Here is another one we’ve got here in our library and this was a infectious diseases it was a textbook for a nursing class that a friend had it actually has a whole lot of things that you wouldn’t be able to use in a society without technology but there is a lot of references. A lot of diagnosis that could be handy .Of course you know we all have our standards that the preppers have but a world without a doctor i believe this book would come in extremely handy in all situations.

The book that I would consider a backbone of any prepper‘s library is the Foxfire Series.If you’ve never read or are not familiar with the Foxfire Series, Great series of books .The project was started by I believe a high school teacher who wanted his classroom to go into the Appalachian mountains and interview some people who really knew how to live off the land .

This collection of books is really just their stories. It goes into a lot of things that that I believe in a post apocalyptic world would be useful.You see the first one has hog dressing, log cabin building, mountain crafts and foods, planting by the signs, just a whole lot of things that are really potentially things that you would need to be it would be able to do after TEOTWAWKI.

Another one that we’ve got our book shelf  is 10,000 Garden Questions. In a post-societal world you’re gonna need to be able to raise your own food. For a farmer they would probably laugh at this book.But for an amateur gardener like myself definitely a good book to have.

Then lastly this is one that my wife has. Every Woman’s Guide to Natural Home Remedies which is about things like herbal remedies, folk remedies, ways of dealing with pains, ailments, accidents things and the like. I just think it’s something that would be helpful in a place where you wouldn’t be able to go to a doctor or have the medical treatment that were used to do now .

So tell me, what’s on your book shelf?.