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Preparing for civil unrest

Preparing for civil unrest

One of the major characteristics of our modern societies regarding civil unrest is their incredible increase in recent years. This despite a relative “black-out” media imposed by the power in place so as not to panic too much of the population.

With the media presenting only one part of the problem without ever analyzing its real causes, civil unrest has become a “normal thing” in our everyday lives. This article is intended as a general summary of the various measures to be put in place to protect it as much as possible.

Between the politicians who are bringing down the country, the muzzled or outmoded forces of order, and the frustrations and tensions accumulated on both sides, Civil unrest is now a dark reality for many of our compatriots. Those of Moirans of the past few weeks show, if need be, that they can now occur in any part of the territory, not to mention the traditional suburbs, and it is almost certain that they will involve each of us in the future close.

Whether it is riots or demonstrations, civil strife needs only a small spark to spread to a neighborhood, even a city or a whole village. An unpopular measure, a fall of money, a prolonged shortage of food or gasoline is enough to get the process going, And especially when populations are already at a standstill and do not believe or no longer respect the figures of authority.

There are several types of civil unrest that affect those who experience them at different levels, and it is important to know how to respond to them if one day we are caught in the same gear. In general, traditional media, on the Net, are rather discreet about what to do in the event of a civil panic. It is very likely that at this point, everyone is left alone, or with his family. It is therefore vital to know how to protect ourselves, but also and above all to take the necessary measures now to limit as much as possible their impact on our lives.

Preparing for civil unrest

The classification of civil unrest

To begin with, here is the classification of civil unrest as our rulers have established it, which is not necessarily known to everybody. So I deliver it to the readers of Surviving Chaos .

Level 1

It is the lowest level of trouble, which usually involves rioters “turning” by themselves in the perimeter where they live, for various reasons. A good example would be a police confrontation at the bottom of one or more suburban buildings, as happens in France practically every week.

This level is particularly destructive for those who live in the immediate vicinity, who work in the perimeter or have to cross it. It is the one where trash cans and cars leave in smoke, creating as many nuisances for the population who has the misfortune to live on the spot.

This first level of disorder is spontaneous, frenetic and unruly. It is confined to a small geographical area, usually the one where the rioters live. The police response is “severe” (at least what we are led to believe) and localized. It does not present any danger to the common mortal, unless it happens by chance in the midst of the clashes.

Level 2

This level of civil disturbance is also restricted to a certain perimeter, except that this time, the rioters and protesters have made the specific choice to generate a maximum disturbance. This is a fairly common level these days.

Level 2 is usually planned or semi-planned, and it involves looting in most cases. Gangs – a term to be taken in a broad sense – are organized (sometimes via social media) and target specific businesses or buildings or areas of interest. Targets are chosen deliberately, and even if the events remain localized, they will affect the lives of the inhabitants of the entire area concerned (neighborhood, village, etc.). The latest events in Moirans are in this category.

The police response is “hard”, But requires more precise coordination and greater deployment as gangs can attack multiple targets at once to create confusion. Such a level can become fatal for people who are inside their trade or targeted buildings, or even those who work there.

Preparing for civil unrest

Level 3

Level 3 in civil unrest is the one that causes disruption at a regional or even national level. This is the one that is likely to reach the next major community confrontations, since you already know that we will not be able to escape.

This is the level at which the state of emergency can be declared. This declaration is made by decree in the Council of Ministers. It can not be extended beyond twelve days by an ordinary law (vote of the French Parliament) which must fix its final duration.

According to article 1 of the Act, a state of emergency may be declared on part or the whole territory of the Republic in the following circumstances: Serious breaches of public order or events which, by their nature and seriousness, are characteristic of public calamity.

The cause or origin of Level 3 disorders is of little importance; Everyone in the affected area will be affected. Some of their effects could include travel restrictions, border controls, railway stations and airports, roadblocks and other severe coercive measures.

The police response may be brutal, And an impressive number of security forces are deployed for the sole purpose of controlling the situation. It is obvious that disorders of this level can affect you directly, and the only safe option is to stay at home with your family.

Level 4

This is the highest level of disorder, which is characterized by the establishment of Martial Law . For your information, I remind you that “Martial law is the establishment in a country of an exceptional judicial state, in which the army ensures the maintenance of order in the place of the police or in collaboration with This one “.

It generally results in the total or partial suspension of the fundamental freedoms of citizens, in particular those of gathering, demonstrating and not being imprisoned without judicial foundation.

Martial law comes into force only because of an exceptional situation, or is perceived as such.

If things degenerate to the point of getting there, Is the government that this time will represent the greatest threat. Whatever the cause (war, natural disaster, etc.), everyone will be concerned. There will be identity checks, restrictions on the supply of food and fuel, probable control of weapons and equipment, requisitions (gold, weapons), and other measures that will probably make you feel that you Are a prisoner in your city.

From a survivalistic perspective and with regard to possible evacuation to an ADB or an external regrouping point, it is evident that this should be between levels 3 and 4. That is, when the disorders are sufficiently Serious to imply that they will spread to the whole territory, And just before martial law is eventually declared and nails everyone on the spot.

Beyond that is the state of siege , which allows the transfer of police powers from the civil authority to the military authority, the creation of military courts and the extension of police powers.

The state of siege is governed by the Code of Defense. It can only be implemented on part of the territory, after deliberation by the Council of Ministers and with presidential signature, when there is an imminent danger due to an armed insurrection or a war. During the state of siege, there is a transfer of powers from the civil authorities to the military authorities. The prolongation of the state of siege beyond 12 days is subject to the ” Authorized by Parliament.

The state of siege was never used during the Fifth Republic.

Preparing for civil unrest

What to do to prepare

This list is intended as a brief summary of the various measures of importance in preparation for civil unrest. Each point has been discussed in more or less detail in previous articles, to which the reader may refer. It is up to each of us to see where he is in his preparation in relation to the various points that will be discussed.

1. Keep up to date in its preparations

For newcomers in the world of survival, know that you should make sure to have in stock all the supplies and equipment you might need. Make an inventory of food, water, and other resources that will keep you in good condition regardless of the nature of the disaster, whether extreme climatic conditions, societal collapse, or even d An extended period of unemployment.

Half of the French population has less than three days of stock at home, and it would be better for you not to be part of it. You will not necessarily be able to go out to shop during civil unrest. Levels 3 and 4 are dangerous and, depending on where you live, It is recommended to stay at home.

Keeping up to date in its preparations is, in my view, the first and most important thing to do , whether in an emergency situation or in anticipation of long-term problems.

2. Do not Believe Special

Those who live in the countryside tend to believe that they are not concerned with social unrest, and see them as typically urban perils. But even if they are largely, there is no reason for them to remain so. If supply chains are interrupted, then rural areas will be the first to be rationed in food, fuel, medicines and other basic necessities. Those who are unprepared and who live in rural areas will be no less tainted than the people of the cities. When the fridges are empty, everyone will be hungry, including field rats.

3. Monitoring your health

Those who have health problems know how important this is. Just do not be well for a few days to see his chances of survival drastically decrease in case events happen at that time. It is almost certain that one day or another, a particular contagious disease will spread around the globe, like the Spanish flu in its time, and general panic is going to be one of its immediate consequences. Even if you live in the countryside, it will not spare you. If it is not a pandemic, then it will be the traditional diseases due to the lack of hygiene and care in times of chaos.

Appropriate and natural medicines such as magnesium chloride and others are absolutely essential, Minimal knowledge of first aid. Not to mention treatments for any diseases you may suffer (diabetes, asthma, etc.). If you have to keep a low profile for a longer or shorter time, it is obvious that being in good health will help you. Health is a capital that is built day by day by an appropriate hygiene of life. You should start today.

Preparing for civil unrest

4. Protecting its stocks, especially food

If you live in the countryside and have the chance to produce food or livestock, and there is a serious disorder that causes food shortages, then you need to be able to protect your resources by day As at night, with or without help.

This type of scenario is likely to occur during a civil disturbance of level 3 or 4, and this is currently happening in Venezuela. Food is something that will become extremely sought after; Your farm or your ADB will be seen as a gold mine by the hungry masses.

The same need to protect food stocks also applies to those who live in cities. Remember to arrange one or more caches in your home, and read our various articles about it.

5. Working together with its neighbors

Trust is hard to get and give nowadays, with perhaps a small advantage for those who live in the countryside where people tend to help each other more easily. In any case, neighborhood alliances are an indispensable thing regardless of the type of preparation. In the case of a level 1 disorder, your trusted neighbors may be the ones who will check that you are doing well, or even give you a hand in case you need to repel intruders.

The defense of neighborhood is a vast subject, and we plan to devote several articles to it in the coming weeks. Even if it is not easy to set up, it has many advantages. If you are lucky enough to have good neighbors and associate with them, You could then pool your resources, help each other identify hazards and protect your inventory. Such neighbors could also take care of you in case your home is no longer habitable, for one reason or another.

6. Harvest information before traveling

We are used to traveling wherever we want without too much preparation. Still, it is always prudent to know in advance what to expect when you arrive at your destination. If only the weather conditions, or the possible disturbances of public order. We are used to doing this when traveling abroad, so why not take this trouble for trips within our borders? The world, and even the national news, is evolving at a crazy speed, and it is the duty of any good survivist not to get into trouble by visiting unknown areas. Always check the news and visit alternative sites to keep you informed of the social situation where you need to go (strikes, attacks, demonstrations, etc.).

Preparing for civil unrest

7. Awareness of the situation can save your life

Always be aware of your environment, because sometimes the only indicators you can get will be those given by your own senses. Be on alert without being too curious about what’s going on. You do not need to film events on your mobile phone and put you in the front line; You’re not a journalist.

Be aware of what surrounds you, be it people or the environment. If you feel trouble develop, turn them away and avoid them at all costs. Your curiosity could put you in danger; Do not worry about the affairs of others.

8. Stand by for action if necessary

If you are caught in a civil disorder, keep your head cold and think about what you are doing because panicking will cause you serious problems. In a scenario of urban chaos (riots, demonstrations), do your best to get out of the crowd, keep quiet and do not argue with the participants. Go inside a building to avoid confrontation. The police are not going to listen to you, and for them you will not be an innocent person who passed by, but probably considered a rioter on the same basis as the others. Do not find yourself in the middle when both sides start to fight.

9. Attention to Roadblocks

If a level 3 or 4 disorder develops in your area, there will be many controls and police barriers. There will be police research, interrogation, perhaps home searches and mass arrests. Avoid these dams as much as possible, especially if you are nervous.

If you find yourself caught in a roadblock, you have to be careful about what happens to people in front of them, and how they are treated. In case of serious problem, try to extract yourself and to turn back (without being persecuted by the forces of the order …). If things appear to be “normal” given the circumstances, then remain calm and obey orders.

Civil unrest is something we must be wary of today. They can happen at any time, and it is better to know what to do in those moments. The combination of public frustration and government apprehension is an explosive mixture, and there will always be someone to light the wick. It’s just a matter of time…