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Scary Story: Arizona Edition

Last week I went camping with my mom, and we were in Strawberry Arizona. We were going to be camping for the weekend starting Friday night to Sunday afternoon. We arrived at about 6 o’clock and it was already dark.

My mom started a small fire and we got working on putting up our tents. We got that done about 30 minutes later. We had our dinner, some smores and went to bed.

I woke up at 10pm, as I needed to go pee, so, I got out a flashlight and went out to pee. A few moments later, I started walking back to my tent and I heard something scratching on what I assumed was wood. I stopped and looked around, and there was nothing.

I jogged back to my tent and got in. Within a few moments after I got into my tent,I heard the scratching again, it was closer now, way closer, after about a minute or 2 it went away. I then fell asleep 15 minutes later. I was then awoken to a loud screech. It sounded like it was within 20 feet of us,I didn’t dare go out there with whatever that thing was.

I was still half asleep and I turned on my flashlight in the tent and pointed it to the walls of the tent. Big mistake. It was attracted to my light and walked to it.

I saw it’s silhouette come into view, it was a large figure, everything about it seemed human at first, then I noticed the ‘fingers’.

They had what looked to be like claws instead, the height of it was larger than any person I had ever seen, its legs were not human like either, they looked like they belonged to a goat.

It started scratching on my tent, making holes in it. I saw a part of the tall figure, it’s legs were, as I described before, goat like. I was paralyzed. The thing scratched my leg while trying to get into my tent. I kicked it. To my surprise it didn’t scratch me again when I did that.

The creature then started to shrink (this is the best way I can describe it) and it was what appeared to be a wolf, it got on its back legs and ran. I s**t you not it ran on its back legs.I got a first aid kit out of my bag and wrapped my leg. The cut wasn’t too deep, but it was bleeding pretty good. I got out of my tent and went into my mom’s tent, she was awake and as frightened as I was. Within 15 minutes, everything was in the car and we got out of there.

It was probably 3am in the morning when this happened and we got home at about 5am in the morning. Lets just say that I am not going camping again for a while.

This is another creepy story submitted by a fan