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Unusual Survivor’s Weapons

If there is indeed a film that has marked the minds and its time, it is undoubtedly the famous Mad Max from the Australian director George Miller. Even today, many survivalists have not forgotten it and even think that the apocalyptic events whose arrival seems imminent could well give it a new youth. In case this happens, […]

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Leadership in a Survival Context

Leadership is a perilous exercise in ordinary times, and one can easily imagine that it can become even more complex in a survival scenario. In such a context, it will consist in federating and mobilizing the energies of groups of friends and relatives, or even a mixture of the two in varying proportions. For this, […]

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Dried Meat

It is not easy to take food with you when you go to live in the wild, whatever the circumstances. So yes, it’s good to fish and hunt, to pick fruit on the spot. And this is what survivalists who really want to survive in the wild must learn to do, because it is the only […]

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Feeding in the wild – Testing a new source of food

Obviously, the ideal thing is to be able to carry freeze-dried food or survival rations for example. However, it is not always possible, for several potential reasons: too long in the wilderness, inability to bring along alot of items (weight, rough terrain), or even too precipitous departure. I therefore advise you to always have reserves allowing you and your family to eat […]

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