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Etrex 30x review

Garmin etrex 30 gps Test conditions World leader in GPS, Garmin has renewed its legendary range of GPS etrex in 2011 with the three models etrex 10, 20 and 30. It is the top model, the GPS etrex 30 (with the software 2.80) which has been tested on several hikes: 8 days on the Lycian Way in […]

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Wen 56200i Review

wen 56200i super quiet 2000-watt portable

Wen 56200i Generator As far as value is concerned, it is hard to beat this quiet portable generator. It weighs (only 48lbs), powerful (the 79.7cc 4stroke OHV engine provides 2000 starting watts and 1600 working watts) and on top of that, peaceful (51dBs at ¼ loads– that is 2 dBs quieter than a Honda!) This […]

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Wilderness Survival Against Bushcraft

You want to learn survival skills for several reasons. It may be to gain practical skills that will save you and your loved ones in an emergency. Or you aspire to acquire the survival skills of our ancestors: such as making a bow and arrows, hunting and trapping, tanning animal skins and flint shaping. You want […]

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Top 10 non-perishable foods to have in your pantry

What are the essential foods to keep in your pantry to help you out at any time? What nutritious foods can you give to food banks to help families in need? Here are the top 10 nutritious foods that keep for a long time. 1. Canned legumes Canned legumes are perfect foods to troubleshoot at any time! Very nourishing […]

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