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All About Bowie Knives

What is the origin of the Bowie knife?

Jim Bowie (born James Bowie) became famous for his duels engaged in hand-to-hand combat with knife. He is best known for the Duel Sandbar in Mississippi (USA). He won this famous fight using a type of knife that would later become known as being a ” Bowie Knives “. The knife that Jim Bowie used that day (this first Bowie knife ) was a gift from his own brother. This Bowie knife was forged by a master blacksmith named James Black.

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Bowie Knives – Their Story

All About Bowie KnivesColonel Jim Bowie was born in Kentucky. He spent most of his life in Louisiana. He grew up in Louisiana where he began to give himself up to land speculation.He made a fortune in smuggling slaves just after the US Congress banned so-called ‘slave sales’. The story tells that he (with his brother) became one of the best clients of the well-known pirate Jean Lafitte.

The very vague status of Louisiana, which had just been bought out of France (in 1803) facilitated this kind of trade, and James Bowie took full advantage of it.

The first version of the Bowie knife was ordered by Rezin Bowie (brother of ‘hero’ Jim Bowie). Rezin designed this famous knife specially for his brother, the victim of a shot fired at him during a fight.

An intimate friend named Jesse de Bayou Boeuf, a surplus blacksmith, forged the first Bowie knife. For this, he based his design on Rezin, who designed a knife similar to that of a butcher.

The knife became famous on September 19, 1827 when it was used by James during the fight of the ‘sandbar’ or ‘Sandbar’. A fight between two members of ‘clans’ rivals degenerated. Samuel Levi Wells and Thomas Maddox clashed in a duel.

They shoot at each other, but wondering, they parted, shaking hands. This was not without counting on the clumsiness of the members of the Maddox clan who fired on the Wells clan. James Bowie, part of the Wells clan, was hit by a bullet in his lung.

His longtime enemy, the sheriff of the parish of Rapides’ Norris Wright, took advantage of this to stab him with several stab wounds. This was without counting on the strength of James, who stood up and planted his Bowie knife in the heart of his opponent. Norris will die on the spot!

The press seizes the subject and describes Bowie’s knife as an enormous ‘Boucher’s knife’. It was then that a legend was born, the legend of James Bowie’s knife. Jim Bowie’s reputation was sealed during the Texas Revolution.

In the meantime,

He commanded forces at the Battle of Conception, that of the Grass. At Fort Alamo, in the year 1936, he directed his troops until he became ill. He died on 6 March 1936.

The shape of Bowie knives

The shape of Bowie knives is considered to be typically American, although it was inspired by Spanish folding knives. The most distinctive characteristic is a point clip blade where the dorsal edge of the blade curves down to form the tip.

The function of this blade clip is to make the blade more continuous and therefore forge specifically to better pierce. The backbone or top may or may not be sharpened and sharpened.

There are many materials that can be used to make Bowie knife blades . Stainless steel is most often used to forge a rust-resistant but especially durable blade.

Cheap blades made from other materials can be difficult to sharpen and even if you can sharpen a knife, it can not be sharpened for very long. Aside from the quality of the blade, another factor that must be considered when buying Bowie knives, this being the quality of the handle.

If the knife is used for hunting or as a survival knife (or for outdoor activities), the comfort of the handle in various climatic conditions (rain, humidity, etc.) will be important and therefore not to be neglected. Do not forget that when using an open-air knife, it should be easy to hold even in cold or humid weather and when skinning or eviscerating animals.

Some of Bowie’s Best Knives

Below, you will find three Bowie knives specially selected for you. They are among the best in their class. This sound Bowie knives with fixed blades, sometimes used by the American Army.

All About Bowie KnivesThis Bowie knife is forged with a 18 cm (seven inch) blade made of 1095 ‘Cro-van’ steel. It was originally designed for US soldiers fighting in the Second World War and thus received the right to print the United States Marine Corps (USMC) emblem.

It comes with a leather pouch made in Mexico. This Bowie knife has a handle also made of leather and oval shape that characterizes it. Thanks to the cooking, the handle is both durable and very easy to grasp when it is wet (in rainy weather). The tip is narrow and sharp, making it the perfect tool to strip animals.

The users only praise this knife for its ability to maintain its edge for a long time. It is easily sharpened and can be sharpened and re-sharpened during your excursions.

The KA-BAR Marine Corps Fighting Knife has a solid reputation when it comes to being reliable for survival in a hostile environment such as in the desert and in the forest. It is often a precious commodity of ex-military or collectors. It excels when used as a tactical knife is like utility to cut up etc.

All About Bowie KnivesThe blade of this Bowie knife is made of stainless steel (stainless steel). Pretty thick, around 7.95 mm, it is 25 cm long (about 10.5 inches).

The blade and handle add to each other gives us a total knife length of about 37 cm (in the vicinity of 15 inches). Its size, the thickness of its blade, its unique handle make it an indispensable survival tool in Jungle. It is simply the tool of choice for all kinds of tasks in nature

Users have judged it to be the handy tool, to cut wood, to witness hunting, digging and even as a hammer. The blade is durable, easy to sharpen, remains long sharpened and this Bowie knife and sold with a solid and comfortable handle to hold.

While knives are more bought as practical tools that are meant to be used to accomplish specific tasks, many have bought this knife for its particularly impressive appearance – this Bowie Jungle Master knife is nowadays also become a decorative tool.

All About Bowie KnivesThe Bowie Smith & Wesson Search Rescue knife is equipped with a 15 cm (5.88 “) long blade. It is made of stainless steel 440 (stainless steel 440) which is extremely hard and durable.

The handle is made of ultra lightweight aluminum with a rubber coating that makes it resistant to slipping your hand in wet or rainy conditions. Those who bought this Bowie knife have found it robust and able to withstand continuous and intense use.

Many users have found that the relatively small size of the blade makes the knife more useful in certain situations because it is easy to maneuver where a longer blade could become a handicap.

The blade is strong enough to dig and cut wood. Included with Smith & Wesson’s Bowie Knife is a steel-reinforced nylon sheath and a sharpening stone that can be used to sharpen the blade until it becomes as sharp as a razor.

If you want to use it in hunting, desert, jungle or other, Bowie knives will be your companions of gun. The quality of this knife is recognized, is your survival is now in your hands.

In this article, we talked about the Bowie Knives . We have given you its history, its characteristics and some of the best bowie knives. We hope you found this article informative and will continue to write articles about other survival gears.