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Feeding in the wild – Testing a new source of food

Obviously, the ideal thing is to be able to carry freeze-dried food or survival rations for example. However, it is not always possible, for several potential reasons: too long in the wilderness, inability to bring along alot of items (weight, rough terrain), or even too precipitous departure. I therefore advise you to always have reserves allowing you and your family to eat […]

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Surviving a Storm

The discharge of electrical charges accumulated in clouds can be extremely dangerous at high altitude or in an area where you find yourself being the highest object. If you are caught in a storm, get away from the ridges of hills or mountains, trees and high rocks. Look for a place at low altitude, as […]

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Surviving A Drought

In our temperate regions, if the precipitation falls well below normal, you may experience drought situations. The resulting death of vegetation causes a lack of food via the food chain that is based on plants. If drought increases and lasts, dead or dying animals may pollute the remaining few water supplies. Fire hazard The corpses […]

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Surviving a flood

Floods come from overflowing flooded rivers, lakes or reservoirs caused by heavy rainfall (not necessarily where the flood occurs, especially upstream in the case of a river). Be directly created by a very heavy rain. Finally, more rarely, breaking a dyke or dam can cause flooding. A violent rain can quickly produce torrents in dried-out […]

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