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Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II Gear Review

The Sidewinder Compact II Headlamp by Streamlight in my opinion is currently the best headlamp on the market. I use it myself for a few years and am very satisfied with it.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

Visually, the compact II differs only slightly from the Compact I but you have many more great features, you can use the Compact 2 with 3 different types of batteries.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

Looking at the image above they are  the CR123A batteries, AA and AAA batteries otherwise you have a little more operating time. We’ve come to the technical data, the Compact 2 weighs with the CR123A battery, 68gramm (0,15lbs) and together with the helmet mount , it weighs 94 gramm (0,20lbs).So no additional weight for the head.

The dimensions are 7’62×2 , 76×5’21cm / 3×1.07×2.04 Inches roughly equivalent the area of a credit card and is about as thick as a cigarette pack as seen below.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

As the name suggests, very compact the housing is made of a robust, impact-resistant polyamide material.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

Above you can see the 185 degree inclinable clip for the forehead, helmet or MOLLE mounting with a load capacity of 11.34 kilos (25lbs) so again very stable and when the light is still knocked off from the helm or equipment.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

Above you should also see a little hole for a lanyard or something similar so that nothing lost. It should also be mentioned the light can be rotated with the helmet mount 360 degrees.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

Above you you see the battery compartment for the different batteries which is sealed by O rings who wonders how it works with the Multi Batteries? The plus pole inside is spring-loaded and adapts to the size of the battery also the sprung storage creates a kind of shock absorber.

Now, we comeStreamlight Sidewinder Compact II to the heart of the Compact 2 the white LED with the C4 Technology for lighter, stronger and more dazzling light with a lifespan of 50,000 hours (5.7 years) and a reach of up to
69meters (226feet) at 55 lumens and a CR123A battery.

Top left is the red LED with a lifespan of 100,000 hours The range is a maximum of 15m (50ft) at 1.5 lumens and is very suitable for unobtrusive illumination at night.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

Next to it is the small Infrared LED also with a lifespan of 100,000 hours and an approximate range of 5-10 meters (16-32ft) with good brightness.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

Top right, we have the blue LED with max 1.8 lumens and also a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II

There are models without the Infrared LED, but with a green LED pays attention when buying on which version you want to have all assembled LEDs are shock resistant . We come to the handling, at the top you have the rubber dome switch for on and off and the activation of the strobe function by Streamlight Sidewinder Compact IIdouble click on and off normally with one press and the storbe with double click the strobe function is integrated with all LEDs just switch blue Infrared or red With the 4-position pull-to-turn locking rotary selector knob, you can select the desired mode.

This can be switched only by pull and thus prevents an accidental switch of the light mode .The selected mode is always forward to the poly lens and if you are not sure what you once mode you have chosen you can assign the mode using the tactile IR indicator.

You should feel the increase on the knob opposite ofStreamlight Sidewinder Compact II infrared which is the white, left of infrared is red and the right of it is blue. Certainly you should memorize the positions well if you want to activate the correct color light. The Compact 2 can also be very good use with gloves and to prevent accidental
turn on and unloaded in IR mode there is the IR safe mode just turn on Infrared to IR safe and you are ready and safe.

The normal light modes all start at 10% with short hold press to 25% then to 45% and finally to 100%. The strobe mode always starts with 100%.

We’ll briefly go over the mounting again you can normally wear the compact 2 with headband or with cap or over a helmet that allows no assembly, certainly you can also clip it on a belt and if you removed the headband you can use it for the MOLLE System with the optional Helmet Mount here you can mount it on common Helmets but there is also a rail adapter for mounting on helmets with Rails.

We come to the end. I would recommend this Compact 2 really to everyone, whether military, outdoor or amateur athletes. It is durable, robust and offers everything a headlamp needs, this is a strong buying recommendation. That’s it from my side I hope you enjoyed.

Until next time.