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Rules Relevant To Combat

Here are some rules of combat gathered from the Internet. I found them relevant, even amusing, and therefore rearranged for the occasion.

The first concerns the “Rules of Combat for times of chaos“;

The second, what could be called “the Rules of Engagement for the times of chaos“.

Despite an apparent irony, these rules are much more sensible than they seem, and therefore widely applicable.

History of relaxing a little …

Battle Rules for Chaos Times

  • You are not Superman
  • Shooting randomly is not “suppressive” fire.
  • If it’s stupid but it works, then it’s not stupid.
  • Do not be visible, it attracts bullets.
  • If in doubt, empty your clip.
  • Never share a trench with someone braver than you.
  • Never forget that your weapon was made by the least interested party.
  • If your attack is really going as planned, it’s an ambush.
  • All locks of 5 seconds delay, will burn in 3 seconds.
  • Try to look unimportant, in case those on the opposite side are short on ammunition.
  • The diversion of the enemy that you consider unimportant is in fact his main attack.
  • The important things are always simple.
  • Simple things are always difficult.
  • The easiest way is always a trap.
  • If you are short of everything but enemies, it is because you are in full combat.
  • When you have secured a perimeter, do not forget to let your friends know.
  • Like cars coming from the right, enemy fire always has priority.
  • No battle-ready team has ever passed inspection tests.
  • If the enemy is within range, you are too.
  • Calculation of the beers: 37 men x 2 beers each = 49 cases
  • Calculation of adverse losses: 3 villains + 1 probable + 2 pigs = 37 enemies killed
  • Friendly Fire = none
  • The things that usually have to be together to function can never be delivered together.
  • The radios will stop working as soon as you desperately need tactical support.
  • Everything you do can attract bullets, except doing nothing.
  • If you make the task too hard for the enemy to return, you will not be able to leave.
  • The only thing more precise than the enemy fire, are the incoming shots of the friends.
  • If you take more than your share, you will reap more than your share.
  • When both sides are convinced they will lose, they are both right.
  • Professional soldiers are predictable, but the world is filled with amateurs.
  • Any significant military action will always take place at the intersection of two or three cards.
  • Once the pin is removed, a grenade is no longer your ally.
  • Do not pull ; This will irritate the people around you.
  • Never tell your group leader that you have nothing to do.

Rules of Engagement for Chaos Times

    1. There is no rule in action. The first who cheats is the first who wins. The only unjust fight is the one who loses.
    2. Always take a weapon. Better yet, take it in two. Invite your friends who have one, and ask them to bring friends who have one too.
    3. In ten years no one will remember the details of caliber, attitude, or tactics; Only those who are still alive, and others …
    4. Everything worth a ball is worth two. Ammunition is cheap; Life, though. There is no more paperwork to fill when you double your shot.
    5. What counts is to fly. Passing by is not enough.
    6. If your firing position is good, it is likely that you have not moved fast enough, or that you are not using the weaponry properly.
    7. Keep away from your assailants. The distance is your friend (lateral and diagonal movements are recommended).
    8. If you can choose what to take for a battle, take a long rifle and a friend who has a long rifle.
    9. If you are not shooting, you should be reloading, communicating, or moving. Do the three at the same time, if possible.
    10. Use a weapon that works all the time. Any skill is useless when you end up with an empty magazine.
    11. One day someone could kill you with your weapon; But it might have to beat you to death if it is empty.
    12. Always have a plan.
    13. Also have a plan B, because the first one will never work.
    14. If you find yourself in a loyal battle, you have not prepared your mission correctly.
    15. Make maximum use of cutlery and coverings. The only visible target should be the FRONT your weapon.
    16. Take your opponents by the sides, as much as possible, and protect yours.
    17. Make the decision to be aggressive enough, and take it early enough.
    18. As soon as you finish the fight, at least you will take bullets.
    19. Be courteous to all the world, friend with no one.
    20. Be polite. Be professional. But plan to kill anyone you meet.
    21. Do not start a fight with a weapon whose caliber does not start with “4”.
    22. Anything that can be done is not enough to stop, even if it starts with a “4”.
    23. Pay attention to hands. They are deadly. I believe in god ; For all others, keep your hands where I can see them …
Rules Relevant To Combat

The six phases of a military operation:

  1. The enthusiasm
  2. The disillusion
  3. The panic
  4. The search for the guilty
  5. The condemnation of the innocent
  6. Honors and medals for non-attendees

O how true …