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Marmot Men’s Cerro Torre Jacket

A high tech shell built for mountain or alpine pursuits, the Marmot Men’s Cerro Torre Jacket is a lightweight and breathable option for all of those alpine adventures.

Let’s take a look at some of its features.

This jacket is constructed with a Gore-Tex waterproof, breathable fabric with a sea knit backer. Now that sea knit backer just means that it has got a lining on the inside that provides a little bit more wicking power which adds to the breath ability of that Gore-Tex.It also gives it a little bit more stretch.So you get a lot of freedom of movement with the piece.

So fully waterproof, breathable materials with stretch freedom of movement and enhanced breath ability.

It has also got 100 percent of its seams taped.So you have got confident weather protection with these materials.Some of the other features in the jacket include a full hood and it is a helmet compatible hood.So you have got really good protection in the hood.

You have actually got a laminated brim with kind of a wire for shaping.It makes it really good.It really holds up to those harsh storms or those harsh winds.So it is going to be a solid hood for those situations.

You have also got a lot of adjustment on the hood.So it has got kind of an ergo adjustment system.So you have got two adjustment points on the outside here to draw it in around the face and one adjustment point on the back to kind of give you some of that peripheral vision that you may need when you are out in the mountains.So you have got really good fit and features on the hood of the jacket.

Moving down we have got a full length front zipper with a storm flap.So you have got waterproof protection behind the zipper in case anything were to leak through, but that zipper is water resistant.So you have got some confident protection there.

We do also have a lower zipper.So the jacket can zip up from the bottom.So if you have a harness on and you need to access a be lay loop or if you just want to vent the jacket from below you have got a zipper that comes up from the bottom to allow for that versatility, so excellent bonus to have that bottom zipper.

Some of the other features include two water resistant hand pockets so you have got two high set pack pockets for any type of gear you want to stow away.Relatively large pockets here, but they are set up a little bit higher so if you are wearing a harness or a hip belt you can easily access those pockets without having to take that item off.

So good features, good pockets there and, again, water resistant zippers on the outside for extra protection.We do also have a pocket on the inside of the jacket.It is just a small zippered stretchy pocket.So you have got a little itty bitty pocket there.

It is stretchy, though, so you can certainly stow some larger items in there,cell phone if you choose to, maybe some extra glove liners or an energy bar if you want to throw that in there, so a nice small pocket on the inside of the jacket.

We do have pit zips on the piece so on either underarm we have got nice water resistant pit zips.So sometimes you are generating a lot of body heat.You are creating a lot of warmth in the jacket and the fabric can only breathe so fast.

So those pit zips really allow you to dump that excess heat and regulate your temperature better, so certainly an added bonus to the breath ability of the piece with those pit zips.

We have also got some good adjustment points on the jacket.So around the cuffs we have got two kind of asymmetric cuffs with these Velcro tabs.So you can easily cinch that down if you are wearing a glove or if you want to route that under a glove.You have got easy access to do so with that Velcro.

We have also got a draw cord adjustment at the bottom.So there is dual draw cords, one on either side.It is a very easy system.You have got just kind of a little toggle there and two tabs.You can just pull on that.It will draw the jacket in, keep it nice and secure if you are moving fast.It is not going to ride up on you or anything like that.So definitely some good enhancements for the fit of the jacket.

The fit is a fairly athletic fit.It is meant to be used for those high aerobic pursuits or those really technical and intense activities where you want to keep a low profile.So it is not super roomy underneath, but you do have room for some light layers.So an ultra light down jacket or a mid layer fleece would be a great option.

If you plan to wear some thicker layers underneath, consider sizing up.I am wearing a medium here.I normally do wear mediums with Marmot’s gear and this one is pretty trim fit.I don’t have a lot of room underneath, but, like I said, enough for a lightweight layer.And there you have it.

It is the Marmot Men’s Cerro Torre Jacket.

It is an excellent option for those high mountain, high alpine pursuits.