Mammut Nirvana Ride Backpack 22 – In-depth Review

Mammut Nirvana Ride 22

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Features of the Mammut Nirvana Ride 22 Backpack

  • Versatile fabric 300D polyester
  • V-shaped frame for good load distribution on the hips and great freedom of movement of the upper body
  • Back padding in high-density two-layer EVA, shoulder strap and lap belt with stretch fabric exterior
  • Front pocket for avalanche protection equipment
  • Side and diagonal binding for skis
  • Snowboard support
  • Waterproof, foldable helmet holder
  • Padded compartment for glasses
  • Lower zip compartment with key ring
  • Detachable padded abdominal belt
  • Zip pocket on the lap belt
  • SOS label with instructions in case of emergency
  • Compatible with hydration system
  • Colors: red, black, blue, gray
  • Volume: 22L
  • Dimensions in cm: 53 x 30 x 17
  • Weight: announced 1400g weighed at 1350g
  • Unique size
  • Manufacturing origin: nc

Mammut Nirvana Ride Backpack Test 22

Mammut Nirvana Ride Backpack 22 Review

Appearance of the bag 5/5

Look 2/2: The shape is more than attractive, the bag stands by itself thanks to the very rigid integrated frame.

3/3 Finishes: The fabric is thick and many spaces are padded, especially in front and behind as well as the glasses space on the top. A stretch fabric covers the inner side of the shoulder straps, the lap belt and the back. The straps and clips of closures are quality, solid and thick, worthy of this Swiss brand. You can not go wrong when you use them when they close, it’s clear. Confidence in the equipment is at the rendezvous. The main compartment can be easily opened with the ski gloves thanks to mini cords suitable for a big thumb. The central closure is also massive for intensive use especially when it is opened with the gloves without thinking about the force exerted.

Mammut Nirvana Ride Backpack Test 22

Portage 14/20

Backpack adjustment 3/3: Very classic but no less effective. Straps on the shoulders and under the straps to bring the bag to his back, an adjustable chest strap and a lap belt. The settings are easy and convenient.

Comfort 8/10 : Despite its weight, this bag is quickly forgotten thanks to the distribution of the load on the hips (V-frame). Vacuum or loaded, the comfort is the same, the bag is held in place with a good distribution without hindering movement. At no time was I embarrassed in my progress by the backpack even going up the snow corridors with the skis on the back. However, one advantage is always a disadvantage, this bag being very close to the back, our perspiration is easily absorbed by the bag and remains wet afterwards. The fabric is stretchy but not breathable.

Mammut Nirvana Ride Backpack Test 22

Organization 3/4: A large opening allows you to store down jacket, Gore-tex, crust, skins and gloves. The opening is wide on each side down to 2/3 of the bag for easy access. An interior zipped pocket in this volume allows to store key, currency, front … The second compartment concerns security to store, snow shovel, probe, survival blanket, small pharmacy case. And an SOS tag inside this compartment that can be useful in case of problems. Its access is facilitated by a cord surrounded by a rigid tube of 5cm. Another compartment accessible from the top, closed by a zip, padded, intended for your glasses or ski mask.

Ratio Weight|Volume  0/3: According to the calculation , it is clear that it is not its strong point 1.4kg / 22 = 0.064. But it is a winter backpack and because of its small litter, the backpack is not too felt. Indeed, this bag is often heavier than those of the competitors but brings the advantage of a resistant fabric, a good frame of portage and an important accessorizing.

Accessories 4/5

At the top, this bag is provided with many compartments and secret pockets, a real Ali baba cave! At first sight, there is no shortage of accessories, which is logical given the weight announced.

I counted 8 straps in total without those used for adjusting the bag. 2 lateral on each side for carrying skis; 2 front reinforced for snowshoes or snowboard, also used for crampons (very practical, all bags should be equipped); 2 diagonally, one at the bottom that is regulated by the inside of the bag and another hidden in a zipper on the top of the bag. The straps are adjustable, efficient and quality. 2 passers are added on the side on the lower part can be to hold the sticks or skis in addition to the adjustable straps at the bottom (it’s a bit of a duplicate).

The helmet is ingenious because hidden on the side but visible by a pictogram. Easy to set up and effective because it holds well in place. It is inseparable from the backpack which is not worse.

A whistle is integrated into the chest belt. A pocket is provided on the lap belt and a good size for a day trip. This belt is also easily removable. And of course, a pocket for the classic hydration system.

The big negative is the lack of an ice ax. Nevertheless, I used the strap provided for the carriage of the skis diagonally to easily attach the bottom of the ice ax and a strap on the front to fix the top. It does not move. However, it is not possible to take 2 ice axes.

Mammut Nirvana Ride Backpack Test 22


Strong points
  • Accessorizing
  • Wearing comfort
  • Quality of finishes
  • General look
Weak points
  • Weight
  • No real ice ax
  • Notes

    • Overall Rating: 23/30
    • Value for Money : 3.89


    The Nirvana Ride 22  bag from Mammut is ideal for users looking for a comfortable and durable product. In addition, these many accessories and practical storage will allow you to take a maximum of products with you without being damaged by its low advertised volume.


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    lorcar - February 17, 2018

    hi and thanks for the review
    trying to decide between this and:
    Mammut Nirvana Pro 25l
    Osprey Kamber 22l

    The Osprey is the one I like the most as it seems more streamlined/slim, but has no lateral attachment strings and read some reviews complaining about lack of this feature.
    I intend to use it also for carrying snowshoes, and would prefer lateral carrying as well.

    The two mammut: not sure about the differences between the Ride and the Pro, but they look bigger and with more ropes that could get hung when using the chair lift.

    do you have experience with these?


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