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Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe Review

Here I have the Hunting Hatchet from Hultafors.

First, I can say that it is essential more powerful than his little companions but more on that now in the article.

The hatchet is 52cm long and weighs with 100g heavy leather sheath around 1250g. The slightly rounded edge is 9cm long and has a convex edge to reduce the cant in the Material.Hultafors Classic Hunting Ax

The head of the hunting hatchet has a small beard at the bottom of the blade and a large rounded poll/butt.

(well suited for skin animals) Although the poll/butt is large, heavy hammer work should not be performed against metal so as with all axes anyway.

With a wooden wedge and additional circlip the stem is fixed in the eye and provides a secure fit.

The forged lip/lug secures the hatchet to handle more stably and securely.

The heavy 850g head of Swedish carbon steel has a hardness of 58-59 Rockwell and is not stainless.

As always, the ax comes razor sharp and cuts thicker fresh wood without problems.

The sharpness did not decrease even after prolonged use, which is also typical of Hultafors.

The head comes in the classic design.

Nice quaint and except of the blade and poll/but completely untreated.

A strong and flexible hickory wood make the handle stable and durable.

With an hatchet comes a sheath which is made of thick leather.

In this case, the hatchet holds good even without cord stopper.A belt loop was omitted because it would not make sense with this length.

The hatchet is very suitable to split large firewood, because with the heavy head and length you can bring a plenty of power and momentum to the material.

For longer finer carving the head is too heavy and the handle too long.

This task I would prefer to do with a knife.

The handling of the hatchet is very pleasant and the Hickory Handle feels catchy.

Due to the good attachment of the head and the slip guard at the lower end of the stick makes you feel safer to work.

hultafors-classic-ax This was the Hunters Axe from Hultafors.

I hope you had a good impression.

I like it very much, especially in winter when you need a lot of firewood a hatchet with a lot of power, is the right choice.

Certainly you can do it with a small hatchet and a saw too but that’s a matter of taste.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

More information about the Hultafors Classic Hunting Ax  can be found here.

Until next time.