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How to Survive a falling Elevator According to Science

Hey, you who are dizzy in the glass lifts, you who take the stairs just because you do not want to entrust your life to the stupid metal boxes, you who go up every day in a squeaky elevator that does not give you any reassurance … this article is for you .

For we will see together how to survive a free falling elevator that would fall into the void.

In the worst case, this will give you a little talk … with your colleagues in the elevator

Survival tips

Do not: You thought you could jump just before landing to mitigate the shock? Bad news, it’s useless. But I let you discover the tips below


  1. If you have luggage or suitcases , stack them to get a kind of cushion damper (trick, it also works with children or corpses)
  2. If there are hand holds , hang up to distribute your weight and decrease the impact on the legs
    hang on
  3. Prepare yourself by bending your knees slightly (a bit like surviving a fall from a plane, I’ll come back to it)

So we can not guarantee that you will get out of it without damage. But these few elements can protect the vital organs, giving you maybe the small chance of survival you needed.