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How to Survive a Fall from an Airplane

Your plane had an accident and just exploded? You fall from a cliff or a helicopter? Your parachute did not open? Do not panic, you have a (small) chance to get out of it if you follow these tips on how to survive a fall from an airplane which will never fail you.

How to Survive a Fall from an Airplane :

In flight (the plane has just exploded following an accident, you just jump, etc …)

  • Catch what you can by falling: an object as wide as a piece of the aircraft wing may be able to slow down your speed, or cushion the final impact. If you do not have a wide object under your hand, go flat on your stomach to slow down the fall with your body (like the paratroopers before they open their parachute)
  • It was a trip in 747? Prepare to faint for a few seconds  : at high altitude you will not have enough oxygen. But with a little luck you’ll regain consciousness quickly.
  • During the fall, you should aim for a muddy, marshy or snowy (“top”) landing zone . You will have to avoid hard floors or water (which would have the same effect as concrete at this speed)
  • To cushion the shock, trees are an ideal option  : each branch hit will slow down your fall. Any step that slows down your speed is welcome: to descend along a cliff, to pass through the roof of a barn, etc …

At the time of the final impact:

  • Stand upright: your legs and pelvis should cushion the shock. They can break down and do not injure vital organs. If the height of fall was not extreme, it is even recommended to bend the knees slightly to help your body to naturally manage the impact.
  • After touching the ground with the feet, the rest of your body will follow (or you will plant yourself straight in the ground.) In which case I have bad news: you are a nail. Try to fall on the side or face, protecting your face. Be careful not to fall on your back.

After the impact:

  • It’s time to get help. If you have the strength left, you must urgently contact the rescue team , to avoid dying, for example, from an internal lesion.

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And of course, if you are a frequent flyer without a parachute, you can post a facebook comment and some tips.