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How to develop the will to survive

How to develop the will to survive

There are people who crack under pressure and fear. Even professional soldiers, or police officers. What about you?

In a situation of conflict or major disaster, your life could be at stake. The decisions you would take then could cost you or your loved ones.

It is therefore important to learn how to control fear and stress, as well as to develop the Will to survive , so as to pass the heat of any extreme situation that the future could bring us to face …

The generations that have gone before us, especially those who fought during the Great Wars, have faced incredible perils and faced terrible circumstances. Yet these people have survived and won victories over and over again, some even seeming to be able to survive everything.

How did they do it? What was their secret?

Without wishing to impart to the reader the will to survive by means of a simple article, one can nevertheless give some leads to the attention of those who would like to work or acquire it in preparation for this day Special where the lights will go out.


We can learn from the great adventurers and elite soldiers around the world, be it the Legion, SAS, Navy Seals and others in terms of survival in extreme conditions – mountain or desert Or extreme circumstances, such as operations in foreign theaters such as Indochina, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, and so on. ; Learn what it takes to survive, against all odds and when the odds are not in our favor. It is in this sense that textbooks and biographies of extraordinary lives are sources of knowledge and inspiration that are valid enough to acquire, if not the practical basis, at least the theoretical basis for survival.

Some of us, Have not had an easy life, or experienced these “extreme experiences” in unconventional operations, have thus had the opportunity to train themselves, sometimes to their defending body. Such experiences, although traumatic, constitute, however, and for the subject which interests us, undeniable and inestimable achievements. For my part, I firmly believe that the profound meaning of such sufferings, often hidden at the moment of their experience, will not fail to reveal itself in due time; When the world collapses, it may well be that all those who are relegated to the lowest ranks of the class and unknown to the little fairies of the cradles, pass first and lead the flock … I believe intimately that the profound meaning of such sufferings, often hidden at the moment of their experience, will not fail to reveal itself in due time; When the world collapses, it may well be that all those who are relegated to the lowest ranks of the class and unknown to the little fairies of the cradles, pass first and lead the flock …

How to develop the will to survive

Vietnamese hostage-starved fighter

Fear and the Will to Survive

The majority of people live their lives without having any thought for either. Yet the lack of Will to Survive is a psychological process that can kill as surely as a bullet in the head. Throughout history, people have survived or died, depending on whether or not they have this will.

What is fear? We have already had occasion to discuss them in these columns, and we shall doubtless speak of them again, so fundamental is this notion. Fear is a physiological response to perceived or immediate danger. At the most the danger is great, or unexpected, at the highest level of fear that invades the mind. If you are not trained to respond to fear appropriately, such a deluge of ” Adrenaline can then take you away and drown you quickly.

It could be a fear you are not prepared for, even if you are yourself or consider yourself a “real” prepper. Everything you thought you knew about it could be swept in an instant under adverse circumstances, eventually leading to “cracking.”

Unless it is your neighbors who first let go, or even why not, professionals in law enforcement operations resulting from martial law such as members of the police or military.

Dissociation – The Secret of Special Forces

How do elite soldiers manage to stay the course where so many others would have already cracked? There are several reasons for this.

The first is that these soldiers are pushed to the limits of physical endurance, where they learn to dissociate themselves from suffering and discomfort. This means that they are mentally able to focus their mind again (or make the effort to) on something else , in spite of the circumstances. Doing this, they do what is called a “dissociation”.

Note that the faculty of dissociation is not the exclusive prerogative of such men. All those who had traumatic experiences where their lives were at stake, whether civilian or military, And who are still there to speak of it, are living proof of it. As such, this ability to dissociate should not be confused with the ” dissociative disorders ” often caused by such events, but rather as a method for enduring painful, uncomfortable and exhausting prolonged conditions such as a week in hell or Prolonged exposure to cold, hunger, or thirst.

Fear of disaster or immediate danger can lead you to make bad decisions. For example, you may collapse in a fetal position on the ground when you should be struggling to stay alive, or turn back at the precise moment when you would have to move forward in spite of the situation.

The challenge, Come to think tactically when faced with such fear. “Tactically” means here making strategic decisions , often at the heart of the action, like military forces engaged in operations of the same name.

How to develop the will to survive

When times are hardening

What makes people crack and give up, sometimes suddenly, when others still have the capacity to move forward? For some, mental stress, physical discomfort or suffering are just too strong, or go up too fast, causing their brains to make the conscious decision to drop. They abandon, without being able to continue further; It s too difficult.

Sometimes they are only too frightened, and then froze on the spot. Particularly in certain situations where death may be imminent.

In any case, what these people lack is the Will to Survive . This means that ” They prefer to give up – at the risk of dying – rather than overcome their fear (by disassociating themselves from this fear) or continue to fight despite suffering and discomfort to live another day.

These are the hard times that give the best seeds of survivors. Nowadays, most people lead a comfortable life compared to that of our ancestors or of those to whom destiny has given many opportunities to suffer, sometimes very early; Like the class of our peasants decimated in 14 who was accustomed to the hard work of the fields.

These difficult lives experienced since early childhood help develop the Will to survive . All these individual experiences are valuable tools that can be used in a survival situation,

Moving Forward and Overcoming Fear

Moving forward means for me to go beyond its comfort zone in order to achieve its goals. Overcome fear by pushing it aside in order to make the right decisions.

What about you? What forces or experiences will you draw from when the time comes?

What about your life? Are you ” trapped ” in your comfort zone?

It is by regularly challenging you to do new things that you will succeed in breaking the boundaries of this prison. In other words, you will have to get your fingers out if you want to give you a chance to pass the course. There are several ways to do this. It can be, according to the people and the physical capacities of each one:

  • Do more exercise, or harder.
  • Reduce calories, give up pizza and frozen foods.
  • Stop smoking, drink, adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • To help the charitable organizations by its presence, if only to become aware of the misery of some of our compatriots and develop compassion.
  • Do work for the community, or give of his time.
  • Making outings in nature longer, or more difficult. Especially when the weather is bad. Learn to appreciate these moments, even under the snow or the rain (without endangering oneself).

No more excuses. Stop too much wanting to analyze. Do not look for reasons where there is none. Look instead for a way to put into practice what you could learn in books or on blogs. The excuses and good reasons will lock you in your box and reduce you to failure. Saute the lid of this box and defy reason. From the simple fact of putting on your backpack and leaving for two days in the forest, to pace your city after nightfall, until the decision to live according to Divine Providence.

Test yourself regularly. Dig inside yourself and stick through the essays and challenges. If you do not, Have never gone through difficult times or faced obstacles that have pushed you to overcome them, then you could learn it at your own expense on the day you run out of that Will to survive . Because if you only talk about taking the green but you do not have stamina, then you may be slamming a cardiac arrest halfway up the mountain.

How to develop the will to survive

Imprudent decisions under pressure

Generally, rational thinking in a survival situation, when the emotions are at their peak, flies away at the first opportunity. Drowned in a flood of emotions (fear, stress, anger, frustration, bitterness, sadness, etc.) that can not be controlled, the average lambda ends up unable to think clearly and make the right decisions.

Through controlled adaptation , you will be able to improvise. Some people may adapt and change direction, but this is usually because they are pushed or intimidated by circumstances. By letting them take over, these people can be headed in the wrong path, on a path that ultimately leads to failure or dissatisfaction.

Climb up to the top of the mountain. Do not let yourself grow on the easy path of failure or abandonment. In a dangerous situation, your decisions based on the choices you made before can lead to your success as well as that of others, or simply its opposite: the death of all.

How to develop the Will

The will builds the wrestlers, the champions and the elite soldiers. The will is a lever inside your brain capable of lifting the obstacles (both in your head and out) that circumstances have set up against you. You can repel fear. You can force yourself to take a step further, even when your body is tired and wants to give up to rest.

Some appeal to God or their faith in themselves to obtain that strength. Unless it comes from endurance sports and high intensity such as martial arts. Or else humanitarian actions, sometimes in underdeveloped countries, which have led them out of their comfort zone, sometimes very far from this zone, for long periods. The same strength can be developed by hiking, climbing, kayaking, or any other sport that requires physical endurance and gives the opportunity to live moments where you have to keep control of your emotions in a way that will think Clearly and make the right decisions under pressure.

In special forces, she comes from an intense training early in the career of young soldiers. Many survivalists have not had the opportunity to experience this environment, but can practice the same kinds of physical activities to train themselves in the manner of elite athletes and soldiers. The goal is to be able to overcome obstacles by maintaining physical and mental fitness, while making clear and rational choices under pressure. Kayaking or any other sport that requires physical endurance and gives you the opportunity to experience moments when you need to keep control of your emotions so you can clearly think and make the right decisions under pressure.

Take time to learn

Once you have read your textbooks or done your first internships, take advantage of what you have learned by practicing outside. Leave a whole week. Do not give up on the fourth day under the pretext that you have not eaten the first three because of mistakes or inexperience on your part. Force yourself to stand until the seventh; Push back hunger. Do not give up if you are unable or unable to light a fire. Do not go home because the temperatures will have dropped overnight. Tighten your teeth, and push your limits to achieve your goals. Keep trying. You will eventually fire this fire, or find something to eat.

These are skills that develop through practice, At the end of many errors and perseverance . However, good training, personal research and good upstream readings can dramatically shorten the learning curve. Knowing that you also do not need to train as hard as an elite soldier to develop a steel mind and a survivor spirit.

The fact is that we could all be facing very tough times in the months or years ahead as our country sinks into the economic downturn and community unrest. It may well be that a disaster occurs in your city or region. Knowing how to behave and how to think tactically when a major disorder can save your life, As well as that of your family. Perhaps even that of an entire community.

How to develop the will to survive

A true Prepper never gives up

Force yourself to make the right choices for your team, if not your family. Sometimes this means having to make sacrifices like carrying the bag of a wounded teammate. Do not give up your comrades.

There are people who survive by caring only for themselves, and make a number of selfish choices along the way, without any consideration for others. If such people could only force themselves to include in their survival plan the interests and well-being of those who accompany them – in other words, if they were only willing to make good choices rather than personal choices – it is the entire team that could survive and cross the line in full.

Do not give up, Is also believing in the next day . To believe that chaos will end, as all things have an end on this earth, and that the future will be better; To believe that the sufferings we all endure are worth living. And not surrender prematurely so as not to suffer them by firing a bullet in the head.

Sometimes I read some comments from people here or elsewhere who say they would prefer to get rid of things when things go wrong rather than fight, especially if everything seems to be lost. What a pity ! Because, you see, I think that is precisely what those who have planned the Great Evening for ages want and who are bringing us there little by little. Our ancestors had the strength to survive, Endure the worst torments so that we can be there to testify. Are we going to give up? Will we leave such a memory to future generations? The answer is yours.

Those who will sink under pressure

Some teams or families that will dislocate under pressure. Their members will tackle each other, go to pieces and finally go their separate ways.

Your team should not crack. Especially when fear comes in. The danger will be everywhere, and you will need each other to survive. If your team begins to dislocate, take command, and encourage everyone to remain positive, focused, and maintain your leadership. Ignore your fears. Place your faith in God or in Providence. Go and tap into your strength. Teach them to persevere, and at the same time, give yourself an example.

Perseverance leads people to survive and cross the finish line. This is what it means to have the Will to Survive: Do not give in to pressure, do not crack under stress, do not sink into fear or discouragement. Whatever the obstacles; Whatever the situation of the moment. If we had to summarize the definition of a survivor in one sentence, it could be: A survivor is a person who persists . Even when the fear is there, and the obstacle almost insurmountable.

As a human being, we are free: free to love, to hate, to fight, to kill … This freedom is the same for each of us.

There is no one more powerful than the others. Only the one with the greatest will will have more chances. Size, weight, or appearance … None of this matters. The only thing that matters is your mind. The question is whether you can be the kind of person who can surpass himself by his own will …