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Getting Home During SHTF

Most of us spend a lot of time away from our homes whether at work or out running errands or whatever we’re doing , we’re away from the home.

But have you ever thought what would you do if a SHTF event occurred while you were away from home ?? Getting Home During SHTF, do you have a plan ?

What if there was a major disruption or an emergency. Do you have a plan on what to do so that you can be as safe as possible. Here is what we recommend incase of an SHTF event.

  • Get to your vehicle as soon as possible and make sure all the doors and windows are locked, that should be something you do always when you’re out in your vehicle.
  • Head to the nearest gas station if it appears to be safe and fill up your car as quickly as possible. Then if there’s a mini-mart, get all of the bottle water and snacks that you can. Remember all that cash you’re supposed to be carrying for an emergency ?? This might be the time you need it if it’s a power outage situation.
  • Now you want to determine what is the safest route to get home, you want to stay away from congested areas. Also, you want to avoid crowds. Stick to the back quieter road if at all possible, you want to stay out of sight and stay away from whatever is the center of what’s causing an emergency. Now you want to get home ASAP.
  • If you’re comfortable with a gun you should have the correct permit and training then you’re allowed to have it with you. Keep it handy in any emergency or SHTF situation because this is not the time to be fiddling around with where is my gun. In a real emergency situation you may only have seconds to defend yourself .Always have your gun ready.
  • You’re probably safer staying with your vehicle but if for some reason you’re unable to continue driving that’s when you’re glad you have your Get Home Bag. Pull your car out of the way as safely as possible, get your Get Home Bag and get going. Remember, that’s why you made a plan and you have a route to get home and you thought about it and made your decisions.

The people who plan are the ones who have a much better time in a crisis situation so be glad that you’re making the preparation so that you’ll be okay no matter what comes your way in a SHTF emergency.