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Different BOBS For Different Situations

A real prepper must have a bug-out bag which is a pre-packaged bag that you pick up when the shit hits the fan and you have to leave your homes.

What such a bag should contain has been discussed ad infinitum on the internet (a Google search for bug-out bag provides 20 million hits). The idea is that no matter how bad the situation is, the bag will contain everything you need to get by for a few days while you stay hidden, or take yourself to a safer place.

One interesting thought about this comes from TheLordHumungus:

His philosophy is to have multiple bags, prepared for clearly defined scenarios and then choose the right bag depending on what has happened:

A. Essential Bag . Things that are always needed no matter what happens. A little water, some water purification tablets , some food, toilet paper, book  and something for self-defense .

B. Evacuation Bag . In the event of a temporary and controlled evacuation – eg threatening natural disaster, gas emissions and bomb alarm etc. You will probably have to sleep in a school, or camps and the need for such tool to build a windbreak in the forest is not so important. However, you may want to have water bottles, toiletries, important papers, matches , any  multi-tool , money and few costume changes .

C. Black Evacuation Bag . When you or your family need to disappear from the radar, despite the fact that society hasn’t collapsed. For example, if you are being chased by the authorities, criminals or the country has been invaded by a foreign power. You need as much cash, mobile phone with prepaid card, faith and a disguise .

D. Wilderness Survival Bag. The more classic bag, with everything needed to survive in the forest. Not so much underwear, not so much money, but on the other hand, material for snares and traps, knife , saw , fire steel , water , camping stove , tea lights, tents, head lamps , sewing kit , fishing line, compass and warm clothing .