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Prepper’s Bookshelf

Prepper's Bookshelf

So it’s the end of the world as we know it. Whatcha gonna read? OK, I’ve got just a few that I wanted to recommend that are items that I consider must haves for a world without rule of law (WROL) End of the World as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) type situation. Number one would be […]

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Top 10 Forgotten Bug Out Bag Items

Top 10 Forgotten bug Out Items

Hey guys, Gabe here with PrepperTidbits you know allot of times when people put there first bug out bag together they get the basics down.They get a knife, they get some cordage. A flash light, maybe even a tent and they think, “well I’m good to go, bring on the zombie apocalypse!” Well simmer down there hauss. […]

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Jennifer’s Q&A

Hi, I’m Jennifer and Gabe wanted to introduce me to the blog by having me answer some questions so follow along to see my answers. Question 1 What’s your view on the term “prepper” and “survivalist” ? Do you view yourself as one ? Answer I don’t like the term prepper because when it’s used in the […]

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