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Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting 2024 – Buyer’s Guide With Reviews and Comparisons

Hunters and sports shooters need the best equipment to improve their performance or reach quality game. Like the weapon and its maintenance, a tool is particularly popular with hunters and sports shooters, it is the laser rangefinder. Once tested, it is impossible to dispense with this “weapon” not like the others.

Outdoor activities require seamless reactivity and surgical precision. In this sense, the laser rangefinder is capable, in a flash, of taking precise, rapid and effective measures. From a very light point, the laser rangefinder is THE perfect companion for exciting and effective sessions! In this context, there is no room for medium quality products.

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It is important to note that there are “specialized” rangefinders with specific characteristics. This is the case of laser rangefinders for hunters and sports shooters. For example, they do not have the same needs as golfers. As part of this purchase guide, we suggest you read all the key information related to the use of a laser range finder.

Similarly, we will provide a clear answer regarding the suitability of purchasing a new or used rangefinder (a question that often comes up to hunters and sports shooters). Also, we offer you a selection of the best laser range finders, and we give you the best platform for a 100% successful purchase.

So with that being said. Are you a hunter? Then you’ll surely want to have the best equipment to live your passion thoroughly. Essentials such as rifles and others include hunting rangefinders .

At the moment, there are numerous hunting rangefinders on the market. The prices of laser rangefinders depend on the model and the options, it should also be noted that each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hunters often find it hard to choose among the various options available on the market, so to help you make the right choice which will meet your needs and requirements, here is a comparison of the best laser rangefinders for hunting of this year 2024 .

Note: All images on this page are “clickable”. If you see something that interests you, please feel free to click the picture to get more info, read consumer reports and reviews, check pricing, etc etc.

Top 9 Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting 2024

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To successfully complete your hunt and bring back the biggest game in your home, a laser rangefinder is recommended. This measuring instrument will allow you to facilitate your task by directly measuring the distance between you and your target regardless of obstacles such as leaves. So whether you’re looking for a cheap rangefinder, or the best rangefinder in the market , here’s all the information you need as we’ve selected the most popular and high-performance models for you.

1. COLEMETER Laser Range Finder – Best Hunting Rangefinder Which Is Easy to Handle

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsThe Colemeter Laser Golf Hunter is an optical device used to measure distances with great precision. As its name suggests, this device can be used for golf but its especially better for hunting.

To have the exact distance, the device emits an infrared ray on the target which will then be reflected by it. Its measuring range is 5 meters for the minimum distance and can be up to 900 meters for the maximum distance. With these features, you can easily target your prey, you can also enlarge your field of view by up to 6X and the magnification allows it to obtain a clear and precise image.

Your hunting party will be a real pleasure, as this laser range finder is very efficient because of its ability to measure angles, which gives you ease of use. Its lens measures 23.0mm in diameter and its eyepiece diameter measures 22.0mm. The focus is also adjustable, which would allow you to have a clear vision.

This Colemeter Professional Laser Rangefinder Telescope has several advantages. Its first asset lies in its maneuverability. The size is 104 x 72 x 40 mm , where you can attach it to your neck or store it in your pocket without any worries because the device is light.

In addition, you will have a protective cover provided with the device, but since nothing is perfect, its use also presents some inconveniences such as; you must remain immobile to be able to measure a precise point, the slightest movement and the result could be erroneous. On the design side, this high-tech device is not very aesthetic, but it is not very serious, this defect is quickly made up for its price.

The Colemeter laser rangefinder also features a CR2 / 3V battery , which is supplied with a two-year warranty. To help you in its use, a user manual in English version is provided at the delivery of the rangefinder.

This hunting rangefinder is easy to use but may not be suitable if you intend to move a lot during your hunting party.
  • Powerful
  • Easy to handle
  • Clear Instructions
  • Not suitable for movement
  • Design

2. Eyoyo Aofar – Best Overall Budget Rangefinder

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsCheap! This is the first advantage of this professional laser rangefinder. Indeed, it cost only $$, but proves to be very effective and does its job well.

Equipped with an ergonomic design, it can be used wherever you go. So whether you are traveling or on a driving range, you can use this laser rangefinder to measure the distance between your position and the object, or location you are targeting in your collimator. But it is also and mostly used for hunting.

Go hunting with a laser rangefinder, this is the guarantee of a good screening. Again, with Eyoyo Aofar , you can easily and quickly obtain complete information detailing the distance sought. This rangefinder can also calculate the speed of an object, which is all its peculiarity.

It has several measurement modes; in simple mode, in fog mode or in scan mode. These measurement modes are all very simple, and also very accurate. Moreover, its ballistic slop can be adjusted. This laser range finder has a speed range of 5 ~ 700 Yd and is accompanied by a trigger to be more efficient.

Eyoyo Aofar is comfortable to handle thanks to its rubber design . In addition, it is respectful of the environment. You will not have unpleasant odors and the accompanying bag does not emit any noise to the touch, which does not risk to frighten your target.

This model of hunting rangefinder is very easy to handle, but its greatest asset remains its price compared to other models.
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Cheap
  • Ecological
  • Several modes of use
  • Design

3. Bushnell Scout dx 1000 arc – Best High End Rangefinder

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsThe Bushnell Scout dx 1000 arc is the ultimate hunting rangefinder if you want ”  high end  “. This device is particularly useful for hunters, if one refers to its specificities.

Bushnell Scout DX offers an accuracy of 1/2 yard and a magnification of 6X, which allows it to have a clear image. You can measure the distance in yards or meters.

This high-end Hunter rangefinder features a 1-inch LED display with unit indicator and useful information.

Its main strength is its speed to calculate the distance with exceptional precision.

Its size is 70 mm high and 100 mm long, its width is 30 mm, and all of a weight of 450 grams. This rangefinder is light and compact.

Easy to handle; with just one touch, it does its job. As the name suggests, you can do your measurement in “Arc” mode. This is what differentiates it from other rangefinder models available on the market. It calculates the distance according to the angle of the terrain.

The device is protected by rubber, you do not have to be meticulous in using it because even if it falls, its security is assured.

This advanced device is ideal for night hunting, but some users have found it to be less efficient during the day. Indeed, the user might encounter difficulties reaching beyond 300 yd.

On the other hand, the Bushnell Scout dx 1000 arc is quite expensive, which is not accessible on a tight budget.

Unlike the previous model, this model is rather expensive due to its price but it makes up for it with its specificities but also its robustness.
  • Suitable for night hunting
  • Bushell high-end model
  • LED Display
  • Robust
  • Fairly expensive
  • Less performance during the day

4. Suaoki LW 600 PRO 600m – Best rangefinder for its efficiency

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsThe Suaoki LW 600 PRO 600m is also a super efficient laser rangefinder. It is most often used in golf, but if you like hunting, this rangefinder can also be of great use to you.

With this high-tech device, you will get an accurate measurement of 1 meter at a maximum distance of 600 meters and compared to the rangefinders described above, the range of this range is more or less limited. However, it offers a clear and precise image, regardless of the distance, as long as it does not exceed 600 meters.

Suaoki LW 600 PRO 600m offers the user several measurement modes . These include; Distance Measurement Mode, Flag Lock Mode, Scan Mode, Speed ​​Mode, Fog Mode, and so on.

As specifications, its lens has a diameter of 21 mm and a 6X zoom, you can make some tailored to your needs or expectations. Its speed detection range is 0-300 km / h. This device is very handy because it weighs 152 grams.

In any case, this rangefinder is very recommended by most of its users because it proves to be also very efficient. In addition, it is accompanied by a manual in English, but also a belt holster to avoid annoying you.

It has an LCD screen and provides very good optical quality. For your comfort, you can adjust your eyecup as you see fit.

However, some functions are somewhat complex to use, which forces you to often use the instructions (thank goodness that it is in English!). The laser also encounters difficulties to align when the weather is bad, especially when it rains, but this small flat is quickly caught up with its competitive price of $$.

This hunting rangefinder is very effective and adapts to different types of circumstances but the only catch is that it is often difficult to use especially if you want to introduce yourself to hunting.
  • Effective
  • LCD screen
  • Several modes of use
  • Complex Features

5. Eyoyo Golf Range Finder – Best Rangefinder Between An awesome Deal and a “range” of awesome functions. 

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsThe Eyoyo is a waterproof laser rangefinder . This is its first advantage compared to other high-tech telemeters presented previously. If you want to go hunting in the rain, this is ideal for you.

This rangefinder has a range of 1 to 700 meters, with a magnification of 6X.

You can change the units of measurement, for example; if you want to measure the distance, you can choose between the yard and the meter, but if you want to measure the speed of an object, you can choose the unit m / s or Km / s.

This rangefinder gives precise results. Its measuring range varies from 5 yd to 4.75 in meters to 700 yd or 640 meters.

It is also easy to use and pleasant to handle. Its use consists of two buttons: the one used to turn on and to operate and the one used to change mode. Effectively, Eyoyo offers multiple functions like scanning, flag mast lock, fog, and “Speed” mode. You can choose between these measures depending on the situation you are in.

However, its weight is poor, 180 grams, it is still far too light compared to other laser rangefinders. One could easily lose it by lack of attention. On the other hand, it gains many points on the price side, as it costs only $$$. In any case, given its specificities, this rangefinder is the best in terms of value for money.

This model is completely waterproof, allowing you to use it even in heavy rain. Only, its featherweight may make you lose it easily.
  • Price
  • Raincoat
  • High accuracy
  • Too light

6. Bushnell The Truth – Best Beginner Laser Rangefinder For Hunting

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsThe Bushnell brand offers several ranges of rangefinders but this is probably the simplest brand: the Bushnell Laser Rangefinder The Truth .

You can easily use it with its unique button. Its range is 7 meters up to 770 meters, with its magnification of 4X and you will still have an accurate and clear image.

This Truth range finder, or “The Truth” was specially designed for hunting, as it has a pocket size, weighing 340 grams. This rangefinder has a length of 3.94 inches and a width of 2.40 inches, this is perfect for new hunters.

Its targeting modes are reflector mode and rain mode. Indeed, it can be used in rainy weather since it is impermeable to rain. It also has an ARC mode that accurately gives the horizontal distance while compensating for the slope.

Despite its simplicity which could be a disadvantage (especially for the professionals), it is nevertheless well performing and does well what is expected of him.

Bushnell’s range of products is expensive, compared to other brands and this model does not escape. Even if it is very efficient, the only problem is the price.

The Bushnell The Truth is primarily a beginner hunting rangefinder. Very easy to use, it is still quite expensive.
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used in rainy weather
  • Powerful
  • Price

7. Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC – Best Performance Rangefinder

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsThe Bushnell G-Force rangefinder is a high-performance distance measuring device. As the name suggests, this tool is “strong” because it has a maximum range of 1200 meters . If you want to go hunting, this laser rangefinder will help you a lot to determine your target.

Even in poor weather conditions, you can use this technological device because it is suitable for all seasons. Its specific dimensions make it easy to handle and provide ease of use.

It has five targeting modes, scanning is the default mode but you can change it to other targeting modes such as; rain mode, reflector, bulleye, and brush targeting mode.

It also has an ARC targeting method with angular range . It is ideal for lovers of bow hunting but also for experienced hunters. It is powered by a battery, if you are running battery, you only have to change batteries, without taking a head.

Unfortunately, even if this product is very efficient, all these options are in English, but it could be unpleasant for monolinguals. On the price side, it is not advisable for hunters on a tight budget because this rangefinder costs $$$.

This model is ultra-efficient because it is equipped with several high technologies. Only it remains expensive .
  • Ultra High Performance
  • Can be used under poor weather conditions
  • Range up to 1200m
  • High price

8. 800m laser rangefinder Berger & Schröter – Best rangefinder in poor climatic condition

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsThe 800m Berger & Schröter laser rangefinder is a powerful measuring tool that can help you easily catch your target when hunting.

This model has a range of 15m to 800m and uses a powerful laser beam to effectively measure the distance between you and your prey. For better visibility, it can enlarge your 6X field of view, this way you can better capture your target for a successful hunt.

The Berger & Schröter 800m laser rangefinder is also very easy to handle. It weighs only 251g and measures 115mm in length and 40mm in width, allowing you to pocket and take it anywhere without clutter. It is also equipped with an LCD screen and a reticle within the field of view. Its robust rubber housing makes it resistant even in the event of a shock.

One of its greatest asset, is the fact that it can be used even in bad weather because it is both waterproof and floating, and also stops automatically after use. With the purchase of this rangefinder, you will have a distance indicator, a storage case, a cloth for its cleaning and also a user manual.

Although this model of rangefinder is very effective for hunting, it remains a disadvantage that one can not ignore. It works with a CR2 lithium battery which is to be ordered separately as it is not included in the 800m Berger & Schröter laser rangefinder package.

Very light, this model of hunting rangefinder is suitable even in extreme conditions. Only, to use it, it is necessary to order separately the battery which is not supplied with the purchase.
  • Robust
  • LCD screen
  • Equipped with a reticle
  • Suitable for bad weather
  • Easy to handle
  • Battery not included with purchase

9. Bushnell G-Force DX – Best hunting rangefinder in terms of accuracy and speed

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsIf you’re looking for an ultra-precise and fast hunting rangefinder when hunting, choose the Bushnell G-Force DX rangefinder . This model combines high technology and unique design and is a more advanced version of the famous Bushnell ARC.

Indeed, this model of rangefinder is equipped with  high-end ”  turboprocessor ” known as ESP or Extreme Speed ​​Precision. This allows you to have in no time and with great precision the distance that separates you from your prey. It can reach a target that is 5 to 1200m from the fighter and allows an enlargement of 6X more in case of poor visibility.

It is also waterproof and anti-fogging, which allows it to be used even in rainy weather. Moreover, it is equipped with RainGuard HD lenses to make you enjoy more precision. It weighs 227g for 33 x 102 x 74 mm of dimensions. These points allows it to be easy to take along with your other hunting supplies.

It can also be used in different modes to be adapted to any type of circumstances: Archery mode which provides the exact measure of 5 to 90 meters in horizontal position, the mode Carabine which allows to correct the shots and the modes BullsEye, Brush and Scan.

The G-Force DX rangefinder from Bushnell is also one of the most robust rangefinders on the market because it is equipped with a metal case protected by black rubber. Its design is also innovative. In addition, you can read precise results in any condition with its VDR Display (Vivid Display Technology) .

The only problem with this innovative product is the price which is not adapted to the small budgets. Only you should know that it is one of the best hunting rangefinders on the market thanks to its different technologies.

This model is recommended if you are particularly looking for precision and speed. Only, it is not accessible to everyone given its price.
  • Very fast speed
  • High accuracy
  • Very effective
  • Suitable for adverse weather conditions
  • Very robust
  • High price

Final Verdict for Choosing Your Hunting Rangefinder

To determine the hunting rangefinder you need and to make the right choice, you must first review your expectations but also your budget. If the comparative hunting rangefinder above was able to help you, here is a buying guide to help you determine your purchase decision.

Several criteria must be considered before placing your order and we have tried to detail them to guide you in your purchase of the hunting rangefinder. They are thus essential to not regret your purchase and to respect the safety in force .

Usefulness of laser rangefinder for hunting

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsConcretely, it is very common to meet hunters equipped, “old fashioned”, a pair of binoculars. However, hunters equipped with a laser rangefinder are still rare, but their satisfaction rate must be very close to 100%! Between the binoculars and the telemeter, there is no photo!

First of all, we remind you that the use of a laser rangefinder as part of the hunt is quite recent. Indeed, the first model was marketed in 1995. It is therefore an innovative technology, but has changed the way to hunt!

We emphasize that the laser rangefinder is a real plus for hunting in general, but especially during the approach and / or mounting phases. Which hunter was never wrong when evaluating a distance between him and a target? All without exception!

Between tiredness, the excitement of having a target at the end of the cannon and the weather conditions (especially early in the morning), the evaluation of a distance is often hazardous, even when only 100 meters away A pretty deer! Let us not forget that the laser rangefinder has this special ability to absorb light, a real plus to see clearly during the key moments!

This ally of weight (even if very light) allows to know with a tiny precision a given distance (up to 800 meters according to the models), but also, it avoids unnecessary suffering to targeted game.

The principle is simple: bad evaluation of the distance = bad choice of ammunition and caliber = game “badly dejected! In such a context, being equipped with a rangefinder is an advantage. Less expensive than binoculars incorporating a rangefinder, this is a must for “clean” hunting sessions.

The hunter-friendly rangefinder also has the advantage of being an independent “tool”. It is easy to draw and it allows to know a distance in the blink of an eye. In most cases, the rangefinder measures less than 10 centimeters and weighs less than 210 grams! Ideal for a hunting in our regions or under more exotic skies! In order to use the laser rangefinder, the most important thing is to have stable supports when shooting.

How to use a laser rangefinder when hunting?

Beyond the selection of the rangefinder (a subject discussed a little further down in detail), it is important to know how to use such a tool. Even if the manufacturers have simplified the use to the maximum, it is obligatory to carry out a first grip in order to avoid all disappointments during a key moment of a hunting party.

First, we emphasize that the rangefinder is only useful for evaluating a distance. It is strongly recommended not to exceed the limits of the manufacturer’s suggested measuring range, not to disable safety interlocks or to point the laser at inappropriate targets (in particular to humans).

Regarding the use of the laser rangefinder itself, here are the few steps to be followed for optimal efficiency:

  • Make sure to place the laser rangefinder on a stable surface (floor, “natural” block in the wood, etc.)
  • Point the laser at the target
  • Adjust the height accurately to simulate the same height as your gun
  • Make adjustments for straight and direct targeting
  • Read the distance indicated on the laser rangefinder
  • Carefully select the appropriate caliber and appropriate ammunition

Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and ComparisonsWe recommend that you pay particular attention to the many features on your laser rangefinder. Indeed, this familiarization will allow you to better use it. Therefore, be careful of the battery status indicators, the measurement indicator, the laser beam indicator, or the continuous measurement indicator (when this option is present on your laser range finder).

In terms of safety, we suggest that you take a moment to read the instructions in the manual. In addition to knowing your new tool, you can also discover some tricks. Of course, NEVER direct the laser beam to your eyes (or anyone else’s eyes) because it would cause a certain blindness. On the same principle, never leave your rangefinder within reach of children. It looks like a toy, but its use can be very dangerous …

When it comes to maintaining your laser rangefinder for hunting, you can sleep on both ears, as this type of tool requires almost none. Just handle it carefully and do not expose it to shocks (even in the heat of the action!). We advise you to leave it in its box with a small cloth over it.

Criteria for buying a laser rangefinder

A rangefinder is primarily an optical measurement tool that uses technological advances to allow its user to have accurate and fast results. Only you, are probably wondering how this tool works?

It is an optical measuring tool that uses the laser to calculate exactly the distance between the fighter and the target. Compared to infrared or ultrasonic rangefinders, the laser rangefinder is distinguished by its practical and efficient side. In general, it is enough for a button to be pressed to have a light beam from the laser to the target and hold the exact calculation.

A rangefinder can use infrared, ultrasound or laser to calculate the distance between the user and the target. It should be noted that the laser rangefinder remains the most effective .

Indeed, the latter is able to give an accurate result thanks to the laser which acts as a light beam on an object, which on its side reflects a radius towards the rangefinder.

This process, which is usually done with a small button on the range finder, allows the expected result to be harvested in a flash. The latter is displayed on a digital or digital screen, which allows the hunter to better target his prey.

You should also know that a rangefinder can be used in different situations like golf, hiking, walking. In short, you will need to calculate a certain distance between you and a given object. However, for a hunting rangefinder, certain specificities must be taken into account.

First, it is necessary to check the priority modes . There are two priority modes for a range finder; the first priority mode and the second priority mode. The first consists in aiming the first target in the line of sight of the apparatus without taking into account other objects in the vicinity.

These first priority rangefinders are especially suited to activities that do not impose any obstacle between you and the target like golf even if they can also be used for hunting. As for second priority rangefinders, they are more suitable for hunting.

Indeed, they can target distant objects even if the trajectory of the laser meets obstacles like leaves or others. Only rangefinders with two modes are currently available if you are not sure which of the two models you have, and just press a button to switch to second priority mode and easily catch your game.

As part of a hunting or sports shooting practice, the necessary laser rangefinder is similar in many respects. Particularly precise, the laser rangefinder is suitable for hunting rifles and archery. De facto, this tool is suitable for sport shooting.

In our opinion, the trick is to opt, as part of the hunt, for a laser rangefinder called “second priority”. Indeed, this one has the peculiarity of NOT ignoring the obstacles between you and the targeted game. It is a real advantage to have an even more precise distance evaluation.

Regarding the common criteria that make it possible to buy a laser rangefinder suitable for hunting and sport shooting, here is our selection to keep in mind:

● As far as battery life is concerned , one of the criteria that should not be overlooked in terms of a technological device, you may not be worried about it. Indeed, the batteries of hunting rangefinders generally change only once in a year even if the frequency of use is very high. Only if you plan to go hunting in extreme condition as in rainy weather or during the night, it is always advisable to have a spare battery.

●  As for the magnification levels: We tend to forget it, but the laser rangefinder requires … a high-quality aim! As such, it must have an effective magnification capacity. On average, we recommend a magnification between x5 and x8 for optimal evaluation.

●  Next, the concept of crosshairs and points of view must also be taken into account .A “readable” reticle (point of aim): This is the point or cross that will appear in the hunter rangefinder dial when you use it to better see your target. As such, you must absolutely quickly identify the reticle (point or cross from the range finder).

It must therefore be particularly well lit to be distinguished quickly among the fauna (even in clear weather). The LED reticules are ideal for taking a quick distance.  If you like to hunt during the day, you can opt for a model with black lines superimposed on the target as it is not suitable under conditions with poor visibility.

On the other hand, opt for a model with an LED reticle if you are a fan of night hunting.. So, your choice of hunting rangefinder should be according to your hunting habits.

 Autonomy: On average, a hunting party or a shooting session does not last on average for an hour. As such, autonomy has to be taken into account when buying your laser rangefinder. With battery or battery, be sure to know the autonomy in standby and in use so as not to be caught unawares! Good to know: Cold tends to over-consume your rangefinder.
Best Laser Rangefinders For Hunting [currentyear] - Buyer's Guide With Reviews and Comparisons

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a light laser rangefinder of suitable size.Knowing the importance of this ally, and, the often dense composition of your tackle, a rangefinder of less than 200 grams is ideal On the other hand, if a hunting rangefinder is very small, you risk losing it easily.

 Size and Weight : Unsurprisingly, the rangefinder must be as light as possible.  A hunting rangefinder must always accompany you without burdening you, so go for a model that you can easily put in your pocket because in your hunting parties it is necessary to have it always at hand in any situation.

●  “Optimum” manufacturers’ conditions : In the vast majority of cases, manufacturers indicate the maximum range of their rangefinder. This is linked to optimal conditions of use (blue sky and crystalline visibility) … which never happen! As such, consider removing 20 to 30% of the indicated distance!

●  Image quality : This is not the priority criterion, but it is necessary to have a screen with sufficient definition to properly position the point of view. Also, the coating of the telemeter is to know for a good grip.To succeed in catching your target quickly and efficiently, your hunting rangefinder must provide remarkable image quality, which is not the case for all models on the market. To have this image quality, you will need a good glass, which often involves a higher price.

● You should also consider the scope of the range finder before placing an order. Indeed, if a model displays a distance of 1200m for example, the range can be reduced several meters less in case of obstacles or bad climatic conditions. Thus, this distance may vary according to circumstances. However, in ideal situations, this displayed range is always respected.

Finally, you can also consider the different options available for a hunting rangefinder if you are still hesitant in your choice. Indeed, models are constantly improving in the market to best meet the requirements of users. For this, different technologies are mobilized and if you take into account all the criteria mentioned above, you will easily find the model adapted to your needs.

Buy a used laser rangefinder or new?

The budget needed to purchase a laser rangefinder is substantial. As such, finding the rare gem of opportunity can be a real plus to equip without breaking the bank. As with any technology object, good deals exist on the internet.

However, such a product is a bargain for shady sellers, as it is expensive and some data are little verifiable on simple clichés added to an ad. In all cases, we recommend that you see “actually” the object if you opt for a used purchase.

Also, keep in mind that this is typically the type of object that does not lose much value over time. A quality laser range finder remains a quality laser rangefinder. Tip: At the end of the article, we reveal our favorite shopping platform!

Top brands

Here are some of the best known and most reliable brands of quality laser range finders: Yukon, Nikon, Tasco, Leica, Suaoki, Bosch, Bushnell and Colemeter.

Recommended Laser Rangefinder

In case you missed our comparison guide above we simplified your final purchase, we have selected 3 rangefinders that we believe are the best in the market. We have taken into account all the criteria mentioned above in order to identify the best value for money .

[go_pricing id=”basic14_58acc5953759b”]

As you can see above, prices can differ greatly from one laser rangefinder model to another. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, several factors explain these differences which are:

● The maximum range

● The quality of the lens (= better accuracy and better image quality)

● Magnification capacity

● The weight (the more the laser rangefinder is light and complete = the more the materials used are optimized)

● Autonomy

● Taking into account obstacles or not (notion of “second priority”)

● Ability to assess the speed of movement of the target

Where to buy a laser range finder at the best price?

In order to allow you to buy your laser range finder in the best conditions, we can only recommend the Amazon platform. In addition to never having to disappointment commercial, Amazon offers the lowest prices on the market (sometimes lower than the sites of the manufacturers!) And many promotions throughout the year.

Good to know: it is possible to read the opinions of other buyers, a real plus to identify if the coveted model meets its expectations. Finally, Amazon’s service is renowned for its seriousness and responsiveness.



Following this selection of the best hunting rangefinders of 2024 and also the purchase guide that has just been provided, you can now choose with peace, the model you need. It has been observed that several criteria must come into play before choosing the hunting rangefinder adapted to your requirements.

If you need more information, you can go to specialty shops to get more advice. Only if you are looking for a cheap hunting rangefinder , you are advised to make your purchase online because you will have a complete price comparison with the characteristics of each product.