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10 Important Things You Can Do With Safety Pins

Safety pins are very useful, small footprint and weighs almost nothing. Both in emergencies and in everyday life, it is necessary to always have with you a number of safety pins in a small bag in your pocket or purse. Here are some of the survival uses of the Safety Pins.

1. Patch tattered clothes. With one or two safety pins, you can passably patch up a tear in the clothes until you get home. Even in less critical situations, it can be quite embarrassing to ride the bus home with a tear in the butt.

2. Replace a broken Zipper Pull. A Zipper Pull is usually the weakest part of the zipper and is easy to fix with safety pins.

3. Turning back a broken zipper. With a number of safety pins can hold back a broken zipper on such bag.

4.  Yarn pants and jackets have a tendency to crawl into and hide, at least if they are a bit short from the start. To coax out string end with a safety pin requires a bit of patience, but without the safety pin requires extreme amounts of patience.

5. Using the fish hook. Lost in the woods? With a string and a safety pin, you increase dramatically your chances of getting food into the stomach.

6. Have a nasty gash on your foot. Sure, first aid guides warn that the risk of infection increases if you puncture a blister. But a small prick from a clean safety pin and a patch makes it very convenient to limp home.

7. Pin an injured arm. If you do not have access to a sling, you can pin the sleeve of a jacket, shirt or sweater against the fabric on the abdomen to stabilize the arm.

8. bandage a wound. With a safety pin, you can attach a scarf or cloth that wrapped around the injured body part.

9. Keep wound edges together. For deep wounds, a 1-2 safety pins act as impromptu suture. Just make sure the needles are cleaned.

10. Making small surgeries. For example. pick out a stick.